Hello, Vogue Philippines: Bea Valdes Charges Forward As Editor-In-Chief


Ahead of its launch across print, digital, and social media, Vogue Philippines finally names its editorial team, starting things off strong with the appointment of Bea Valdes as Editor-in-Chief.

The burning question can finally be answered: Bea Valdes is leading the editorial of Vogue Philippines as its newly minted Editor-in-Chief.

Ever since the announcement of the arrival of Vogue Philippines has been announced, one of the more consistent inquiries has always been about the leader and team that will comprise the Filipino edition of the luminary global media brand. Over the course of many social media engagements and real life conversations made in hushed tones, many names were floated. And after a thorough search since, the perfect fit has been found in Bea Valdes, the renowned international accessories designer and creative force championing Filipino craft and responsible fashion. Through her well-storied lens, as well as of a lifetime of experience in the industry, expect Vogue Philippines to carve its place in the realm of modern-day publishing with its distinct point-of-view.

“The values and the resolve of our community have been tested on an unprecedented global and local scale. The reshaping and recalibrating of our choices facilitate a continuing dialogue with our collective futures,” says Bea Valdes of her vision for VOGUE Philippines. “Vogue’s values of inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, and respect for our natural environment remain critical at this time. My vision for Vogue Philippines is to lead the industry with purpose, leaning into our Filipino values of optimism, bayanihan and empathy through our stories, we celebrate craft and creativity, empowering our community and urging our Filipino culture forward.”

The Perfect Fit

“Our core values of excellence and innovation, which we have upheld as a publishing company for the last 30 years take center stage at Vogue Philippines. Purposeful, modern and artfully done, we will put the Filipino craft side by side with the rest of the world monthly through Vogue Philippines and daily on,” details Suki Salvador, President of Mega Global Licensing Inc., the subsidiary responsible for the international franchises of AGC Power Holdings Corp. Connected to the pillars of values that have held the tradition of storytelling and style in the Philippine context for many decades, Bea Valdes is focused on bringing out the best in what the country and its creatives have to offer.

No stranger to the world of fashion, media, and publishing, Bea Valdes has toiled in the pursuit of her passion, which has gained the attention and nod of the world over since. Rooted in the Philippines, she has a degree in Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines and Interior Design at the Inchbald School of Design in London to her name. From here, her intricate and inspired work has graced the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, CNN, The Financial Times, TIME, and in a very auspicious sense, Vogue. Firm on the spirit and skill of Filipino artisanship, she has inadvertently helped shine a light to the local industry, not just for her own wares but of everyone involved in the compelling creative scene in the country.

Over the years, she has also addressed and advocated for circular economy and slow fashion, through this and of her body of work, Bea Valdes has earned nods as one of the Ten Young Outstanding Young Individuals in 2010 and recently, an inclusion in the list of Tatler Asia’s Most Influential.

All Eyes On Vogue Philippines

At the helm of Vogue Philippines, Bea Valdes will be leading a team of industry veteran and creative personalities tasked to define its identity in the tapestry of Vogue titles, and most importantly, bring the uniquely Filipino vision to life. “We have appointed individuals who each share the same purpose of Vogue Philippines, which is to uplift Philippine fashion and discover emerging talents who will shape the future of the industry,” says Archie Carrasco, Chairman and CEO of MEGA Global Licensing, Inc. An assemblage of women leading the charge in fashion, media, and publishing, joining Bea Valdes at Vogue Philippines is Pam Quiñones (Fashion Director), Trina Epilepsia-Boutain (Digital Editor), and Rhoda Campos-Aldanese (Publisher). Carrasco underscores that with the editorial team, everyone has “a deep understanding and appreciation of local and international fashion and seeks to speak to every generation.”

Set to launch in September 2022, an all-too important month in fashion (across print, digital, and social media no less), all eyes will be on the introduction of Vogue Philippines. And while there is a lot to live up to, as set by the history and influence of Vogue, the Filipino edition is taking on the challenge head on. As it stands, it is all but ready to shake things up and strike a pose, vogue.