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Valentine’s Day Just Got Extra Sweet And Special With These Swoon-Worthy Cakes You Can Design Yourself

Put your heart into it.

Whether it be for a S.O. or even just yourself, Ola Bakes is set to make your Valentine’s day even more memorable with its range of dainty and delectable cakes that you will definitely be forking bite after bite.

With mere days before Valentine’s day, there is a collective sense of dread and exhilaration that is making a strong presence felt. Whether it be a mad dash to cook up something special for one’s significant other or the all-too relatable “kaya pang maghabol” quips on social media, nothing quite gets us riled up than the day of hearts. It’s true that when it comes to expressing one’s love, there should be no strict timeline set to it. However, it has to be said, there is just something about February 14 that makes it extra swoon-worthy.

valentine's day cake ola bakes

In a day set to be inundated with flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals, as well as of a deluge of sweet, syrupy declarations of romance on social media, it may not be intentional, but let’s be real: the pressure is real to make sure Valentine’s day is special, unique, and memorable. After all, who wants to be a cliché?

Now, there is no set way to share and show how you feel on Valentine’s day, but if you’re on the lookout for something practical, passionate, and personal, then here’s a filling treat that you might have already seen on Instagram. Meet Ola Bakes, the thriving local cake business that is making many hearts flutter and mouths water on social media with their selection of cute and colorful cakes. And just in time for the red-letter day, they are set to make Valentine’s memorable with their special cake menu.

Sweet Disposition

Baking cakes for you and your friends, Ola Bakes is a passion project that actually began in the midst of the pandemic. Inspired by her mother’s cakes and grandmother’s baking, Noelle Uson has taken to the practice as well, expressing creativity on Instagram with swirls of whipped cream and swatches of eye-catching colors sometime in September 2020. In fact, the family is very much hands-on in this small business, with her grandmother, who is now 76 years old, still baking all of the orders, including the best-selling light-as-air Lime Chiffon. Trust us, you and your loved one will be forking bite after bite of this treasured family recipe.

valentine's day cake ola bakes

Decorated in the spirit of Valentine’s day, Ola Bakes is offering its brand favorites, such as the Palette, Bouquet, Funfetti, and Vintage cakes, as well as of seasonal inclusions like the Heart, Very Cherry, and Cupid cakes. From the selection of round and heart-shaped pastry treats, they are also releasing a limited flavor, Pink Velvet Chiffon, which is a lighter version of its classic chiffon with whipped cream cheese frosting. Yum!

valentine's day cake ola bakes

Now, if you want to take the extra step and make it even satisfying, there is the DIY cake up for grabs. Plain as it may seem, a lot is left to the imagination, as well as of special sentiments, because with three icing bags and an option of additional cherries and sprinkles, you can express your love as creatively as you can. And there is nothing more touching and moving than something that comes straight from the heart.

Now, before we get lost in the sweet disposition of Valentine’s day, excuse us as we sink our teeth into this even sweeter treat. Hey, self-love is valid, too.

With slots for Valentine’s day (February 12-15) filling up fast, make sure you secure that order before it’s too late. Check out their page here for more details.