From Dance To Food, This Creative Collective Is Imagining A Unique Takeaway Experience In Hain

From Dance To Food, This Creative Collective Is Imagining A Unique Takeaway Experience In Hain

No mo’ FOMO, just eat.

Driven by the spirit of community and connections, Unknwn introduces HAIN, a coming together in the name of food, friends, and family. Tara, kain.

It may have been a while, but for sure, your body still remembers the religious-like experience of simply occupying a space with no fear. Remember filing into a packed club, soaking in the smoke, spirits, and sweat, all while dancing to the music with absolutely no care in the world, at least even for a fraction of time? Back when that was still a thing, the ritual would likely include a post bang and boogie sobering up at the nearest food joint. While ordering the guiltiest of pleasures and wolfing it down in no time flat, one immediately comes to a sense of self and equilibrium at the crack of dawn. It is this simple spread that brings people even closer after a good time, just as food always does. Perhaps in the same way, this is what HAIN by Unknwn intends to be, at home, of course.

“The idea behind HAIN stemmed from our desire to help the local food and beverage businesses that have been affected by these extraordinary times,” shares Samantha Nicole, HAIN: Takeaway, Together co-organizer, restaurateur, and proponent of the creative collective, Unknwn, Samantha Nicole. “We also want to show that these struggling but surviving restaurants are endlessly creating and adapting and that ensuring our industry’s place in the future would require a collective effort.”

In Food We Trust

It is without a doubt that the punishing pandemic has pummeled through many industries, especially the local food and beverage sector. Brought down to their knees, compelled to shift models, or worse, forced to shut down, this unfortunate reality is one of the many clear indications of the failure of this government to effectively manage the pandemic. While left on our own to survive, it is the unwavering spirit of bayanihan that has helped everyone pull through even in the bleakest of times. And the passion project that is HAIN by Unknwn is a prime example of that.

“One of our main goals for HAIN is to boost the morale of our community during these trying times. It’s really nice seeing everyone joining forces, from restaurateurs and chefs to diners and even our creative friends, to make this initiative possible,” details Ash Rye, HAIN co-organizer. “This is also our way of supporting our charity partners in their activities that put food on the tables of their beneficiaries.”

In a nutshell, HAIN by Unknwn is a unique union of food and experience, as one would in a restaurant, except this time in the form of “takeaway, together.” With 13 restaurants participating in the inaugural three-day affair, essentially a weekend of gustatory delights, curated special takeaway menus and set meal exclusively for HAIN will be made available through its official website, With orders that began from September 9 and will run through September 19, the customers will be able to enjoy the best of restaurants such as Angel’s Kitchen, The Bowery NYC Comfort Food, Lampara, OTO, Borough, Nic’s Park Terraces, Hai Shin Lou, Futur:st, Square One Hospitality, Cheech & Chang Hong Kong Roasts, TETSUO, Mijo Comfort Food, and The Bistro by Element Boutique Hotel.

Let’s Eat

Aside from the great food that is obviously front and center of this endeavor, each kit (priced at P1500) will come with a complimentary Singleton of Dufftown 12YO Pocket Single Malt Scotch together with custom cocktail recipes crafted by the partner restaurants. To sweeten the deal even more, a HAIN by Unknwn video-on-demand capsule will be accessed through the kits, each highlighting enriching stories of each restaurant.

As this is a decidedly conscious and considered undertaking, the HAIN takeaway experience will make use of hydroponically-grown and pesticide free greens from the innovative indoor farm, Future Fresh, as well as of sustainable packaging in partnership with IFEX Philippines and Sustainability Solutions Expo, both of which are organized by the Center of Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM). Finally, 15% of the sales from the HAIN weekend is pledged to Rise Against Hunger PH, a non-governmental organization anchored on food, community, and sustainability, in support of its “projects to end hunger by empowering communities, nourishing lives, and responding to emergencies.”

It might not be the coming back to the swing of life and liberty as we once knew it to be, but for the time being, the community-driven connection through the wonders and wisdom of food that is HAIN by Unknwn is enough to fill our bellies and satiate our souls. Till we dance again, we eat.

Tara, kain.

HAIN by Unknwn runs from September 17-19, 2021.