7 Unexpected Crossovers Between Korean Stars And Filipino Brands We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Now that's a marketing campaign.

From TWICE, BTS, Chanyeol, and more, these collaborations and endorsements by Korean stars of local brands had us turning our heads in the best way possible.

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With the popularity of Korean culture in the Philippines comes local brands and companies looking to strike gold. And that mainly comes from Korean stars being tapped by Filipino brands to endorse or be the face of their company. Whether they be a K-pop group or K-drama actor, these global stars have become a favorite of Filipino companies to work with. And we aren’t complaining.

You can always count on Bench and Penshoppe to get social media talking with their latest Korean endorser, with the likes of Stray Kids, ITZY, and NCT Dream repping the local fashion brands. But sometimes, there are those endorsements or announcements that have us refreshing the feed just to make sure they’re real. From how unexpected they were to the ambassadors they chose, these following crossovers between Korean stars and local brands still live in our minds rent-free.


TWICE’s endorsement of Bench was already a treat, but Oishi decided to take that literally by having the K-pop group promote their snacks in their latest commercial. Set to the group’s timeless classic What is Love, not only did the commercial have TWICE recreate the opening of the song’s music video, but they also answered the question through the flavors of different Oishi snacks. Jihyo and Momo’s anghang anghang is still on repeat in our minds. Who knew Oishi and What is Love would make a great mix?


Lee Min Ho SMDC Ambassador

Lee Min Ho is no stranger to working with Filipino brands. OGs remember his ~iconic~ collaboration with Bench in the early 2010s. The Korean superstar also appeared in ads for Lazada with Kathryn Bernardo. But recently, Lee Min Ho turned to real estate as he was named as SM Development Corporation’s (SMDC) latest endorser. As SMDC’s newest “Good Guy”, Lee Min Ho is set to return to the Philippines in October for a fanmeet courtesy of the developer. Apparel, e-commerce, and now real estate, Lee Min Ho is getting that full-circle experience.    


As BYS Philippines turned 10 in 2022, the cosmetics company looked to celebrate the milestone in a big way. That came with the announcement in October 2022 of ENHYPEN as the brand’s latest endorser with a marketing campaign that had Filipino ENGENE shook. Considering how many Filipino fans waited in anticipation to see their fave boys in the country, this endorsement made for the best of surprises. Those ENHYPEN standees in BYS stalls low-key became a tourist spot for Pinoy ENGENE. And a fanmeet a few months later was that dream come true for many.


The last time Filipino ARMYs saw BTS live in the Philippines was during the Manila stop of The Wings Tour in 2017. And while we have to wait a few more years to see if they’ll make their return to the archipelago, Pinoy ARMYs were in for something special with BTS’s endorsement of Smart in 2021. The pop icons’ collaboration with the telecommunication company, which quickly topped the trending charts on social media, saw the group star in a commercial that centered on an empowering and inspiring message, as is with most of what BTS does.


Chanyeol Ever Bilena Ambassador

Ever Bilena had one chance to gag us as they chose their first-ever international endorser. And that they did when the cosmetics company revealed to the world that EXO’s Park Chanyeol would be their first global ambassador. Aside from the joy of seeing Chanyeol be the new face of a classic brand in every Filipino beauty girlie’s kikay kit, it was that kind of power move many didn’t see coming. From serving looks with Penshoppe to giving face with Ever Bilena, Chanyeol is the full package.


If you know you know. Back in 2009, the Boys Over Flowers craze swept over the Philippines. It was during this time that RC Cola flew Kim Bum, who played So Yi-Jung in the Korean series, to the Philippines to film a commercial with the brand. And his co-star? Oh, it’s just Maja Salvador, no big deal. This throwback has us living vicariously through Maja as she plays a woman who goes on a special date with Kim Bum. Directed by Adrian Calumpang, the commercial was sweet, special, and had Filipino Boys Over Flowers fans saying sana all.


Not only did Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin’s endorsements of Smart make headlines here and abroad and had fans talking, but it also became a great way for their Filipino supporters to interact with the superstars during their Smart Hallyu Hangouts, especially considering that the couple have yet to make their long-awaited trip to the Philippines.

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