Trend Alert: G-Force Turns Rihanna’s Low-key Moves Into Our Latest Dance Obsession

A Rihanna-inspired trend started by a Filipino.

Swaying from side to side with minimal effort? Only an icon like Rihanna can make it become a viral dance trend.

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Even though it’s been a month since it happened, we still can’t stop thinking about Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show performance. The moment had sky-high expectations given how it was her return to the live stage in years. But Rihanna, being the queen that she is, went left when everyone expected her to go right. Not only did she reveal that she was expecting baby number two, but she also delivered that low-key yet mesmerizing energy we all know and love.

While having a bun in the oven prevented her from going all out, she still did her thing with the help of Parris Goebel’s Royal Family Dance Crew. And speaking of dances, it was the moves that served as a highlight of the performance, from that iconic Rude Boy remix to the dancers getting down to Work.

But one move, in particular, has been making the rounds on TikTok. The trend in question grabs audio from We Found Love’s beat drop during the Halftime Show. But instead of jumping or going crazy, Rihanna and her dancers swayed from side to side. The juxtaposition of the bombastic music and mellow moves make for the oddest of pairings. And thanks to G-Force’s Jorge Jahnke, it’s become a dance challenge on TikTok that anyone can do with his audio being used in tens of thousands of videos all over the world. Here are a few of the local stars and creators who showed off their swaying prowess.


@ritz_charles Ito Lang po talaga gingawa namin sa class. HAHAHAHAHA! 😂🤣 @Loisa Andalio #kathrynbernardo #riaatayde @G-Force Official ♬ original sound – JORGE

We have a feeling we know what the next ASAP dance prod is going to be.


@officialsb19 Try not to laugh challenge. 🤕🤠 #sb19 ♬ original sound – JORGE

Whether it be their hardcore dance moves or swaying from side to side, you can bet SB19 will always deliver. And shout out to Stell who was dancing and trying to do the try not to laugh challenge at the same time.


@jubiandxian RIHANNAJU #juxifam ♬ original sound – JORGE

Baby Ju admiring her mom’s dance moves was a whole mood.


@bgyo_ph #BGYO | trying not to vibe 🙅🏽‍♂️😅 #wefoundlove #wefoundlovechallenge #rihanna #superbowl #rihannasuperbowl #dance #ppop #ppoprise #ppoprisebgyo #opm ♬ original sound – JORGE

Go guys, give us nothing! They still are though, especially with Gelo feeling the vibe at the end. It takes talent to move from side to side in unison.


@ivanaalawi Come on #foryou ♬ original sound – JORGE

From the look to the beach and blue skies in the background, Ivana was giving island gyal who had a few drinks at the beachside bar and then proceeded to the dance floor.



My mood has been roller coaster 🎢

♬ original sound – JORGE

As shown by Dasuri, this challenge is like twenty different moods in one. The hype beats with the I-don’t-care attitude make for the best of contrasts.


@alamat.official #nylonbbbawardsnight #ppoprisealamat #fyp #alamat ♬ original sound – JORGE

We would just like to say that they filmed this outside the venue of our Big Bold Brave Awards Party. So, it’s already a winner in our book.

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