Here’s What Went Down At NYLON Manila’s 2023 Big Bold Brave Awards Night

All hands inside the moving party train.

The winners, nominees, and guests made their way to the destination at NYLON Manila’s second Big Bold Brave Awards Night.

And just like that, the Big Bold Brave Awards: We’re H3re has reached its destination. We always envisioned this year’s edition of BBB to be a journey that celebrated the names, faces, personalities, and brands who arrived and made their mark on Filipino pop culture in the last year. And with the level of support the fans showed throughout the two-week vote, it made for a more than worth it adventure.

So, as the Big Bold Brave Awards reached the end of the line, we did what was appropriate for the occasion, party, and celebrate. This year’s winners, nominees, and guests made their way down to the coolest station, aka CLUBHOUSE MNL in BGC on February 27 for an awards night party that served as a definitive final destination for our biggest internet milestone to date. Buckle up because we’re about to take you on a ride on what went down at the Big Bold Brave Awards: We’re H3re Party.


NYLON Manila 2023 Big Bold Brave Awards Night
Photo credit to Pipay Kipay

As the rush hour began to subside, nominees, stars, influencers, and guests arrived at CLUBHOUSE MNL, which was decorated to serve as the coolest train station in the Metro for the night. With the theme of travel chic, London and New York street style, and an ode to being in transit, guests served looks that would cause anyone to give a double take with their commuter ‘fits. The map to the party was dotted with stars with how many were in attendance that night. When guests walked into CLUBHOUSE, they were treated to an assortment of treats like a customized lollipop from LollyKiss and gift bags filled with goodies from Careline, Dazzle Me, Quick Fix, and Y.O.U Beauty. And thanks to Dazzle Me, a retouch was just a restroom away as the comfort rooms were stocked with their products. Guests stayed looking gorgeous the whole night.

To the right of the registration booth was a large replica of MAC Cosmetics’ iconic red lipstick that was one of the go-to photo spots of the night while to its left was the Chandon photo booth that guests couldn’t get enough of. And in case guests weren’t sure where they were, the BBB train car heading into the main space signaled that they’ve reached their stop. DJ Alexandra filled the room with killer beats as attendees found their spots, mingled with each other, took pics by the NYLON Manila letterhead, headed over to the Y2K-inspired Careline photobooth, struck a pose with NYLON Manila x Kiss New York pin, or got to drinking with their Heineken beer.


Soon enough, the night’s festivities began as A-Team hit the center of the dance floor for a Super Bowl-worthy opening performance that got people screaming. Shanaia Gomez and Jeremy Glinoga served as hosts as they helped conduct the party train. Opening remarks from NYLON Manila’s Brand Associate Elyse Ilagan underscored how special the moment was with the reveal of how over 80 million votes were counted for this year’s awards.

The night was all about celebrating the very people in the room. But before guests got down to busting moves, the winners were first recognized as we officially revealed who won the 24 categories. One by one, the winners went to the center of the room to accept their custom 3-D-printed trophy from Superpixels and bask in the glow of being recognized for their work and achievements. In between the awarding for the Big, Bold, and Brave categories were even more performances that figuratively brought down the house.

G22 stomped the floor like their rent was due later that night with their arena-sized energy. VXON continued to prove why they are called monster rookies with their fire performance of Fiyaah. SB19’s Josh Cullen owned the night as he treated the crowd to a performance of his first-ever solo single, Wild Tonight. And last but not least, PLAYERTWO brought the vibes with their beats and bars.

NYLON Manila 2023 Big Bold Brave Awards Night

The night wasn’t just about who won at this year’s BBB though as we also gave out special prizes to those who showed up and showed out. NYLON Manila’s Fashion and Beauty Editor Lyn Alumno, with the help of Kiss New York, picked the best dressed of the night, which came down to three names: Mimiyuuuh, Sassa Gurl, and Ver Sex.

And because the Big Bold Brave Awards party is anything but boring, all three stars first strutted their stuff on stage. In the end, Sassa Gurl was crowned best dressed of the night, adding a second award following her win for Fearless Social Media Star. Johan Kyle Ong and Killakush were chosen by Converse as the All-Stars of the night while Y.O.U Beauty crowned Vivoree as the best beauty look of the evening.


Closing remarks from NYLON Manila’s Editor-In-Chief, Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena served as a fitting final pin to the program as he expressed his gratitude for their support and reminded the room of NYLON Manila’s mission to championing the movers and shakers of Pinoy pop culture. “Life’s a journey. Papunta pa lang tayo sa exciting part.” Once all that was done, it was time to party, and you can bet people did the thing with Jia The Menace on the turntable. The stage at the center of the room turned into the go-to spot to bust down moves. The dancers of A-Team turned up the heat, Awra dipped for her life, and Mimiyuuuh became NewJeans’ sixth member as she danced to Hype Boy.

And if people weren’t dancing, they were using the moment to catch up with friends or meet their fellow stars. In one corner were Sassa Gurl and Pipay who looked like they just stepped off the runway. Then there was a P-pop moment as members of Alamat, G22, and VXON mingled in their coordinated ‘fits. TikTok stars Roce Ordonez, Andrea So, and Mitch Briones looked stunning together while Turing and Precious Paula Nicole radiated drag excellence. Later that night, Josh Cullen and BGYO’s Gelo caught up and shared some drinks at Josh’s table, as they should.

The NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards: We’re H3re Party was a truly memorable experience, especially seeing all the fun memories the guests made during the evening. Thank you to those who went, the fans who voted, and everyone who helped make this event possible. To even more unforgettable journeys and trips.

Photo credits to BlackTie Studios.

We would like to thank our event partners who made the Big Bold Brave Awards: We’re Here possible: our co-presenter Kiss New York, major sponsor MAC Cosmetics, Careline, Converse, Y.O.U Beauty, Dazzle Me, Chandon, Lolly Kiss, Heineken, Superpixels, and our official venue partner CLUBHOUSE MNL.

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