6 (And More) Travel Packing Tips and Tricks That’ll Take The Stress Away From Your Summer Trip

6 (And More) Travel Packing Tips and Tricks That’ll Take The Stress Away From Your Summer Trip

Alright, pack it up!

Headed off to a much-needed, long-awaited summer trip? Use these travel packing tips and tricks to help you prepare.

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Summer’s coming up, and that means making the time to satiate the travel bug in us and plan a trip to wherever suits your fancy. Whether you’re headed off to the beach, the woods, the snow-capped mountains, or another big city, there’s one thing you for sure need to do: pack.

There are some people that revel in packing for a trip. Those people don’t necessarily have to be meticulous or perfect with their packing, but they enjoy the promise of getting ready for a much-needed vacation or trip away. Then there are some people that detest packing with their whole soul—there’s too much work, no method ever works, you’re either underpacked or way overpacked and there’s no in-between. Some people think nothing of it other than a necessity—they don’t consider multiple OOTDs a necessary for the trip.

Regardless of which packer you are, we’ve got some packing tips and tricks below that’ll take some of the stress and worry away. There are plenty of packing rules and hacks going around, but we stick by these ones. We run into so many inconveniences when it comes to bringing things for a trip, so hopefully these will minimize that hassle and make packing less stressful and more enjoyable for the best summer trip ever.


Packing cubes are holy grails of packing. Not only do they make sure your things aren’t just loose in your bag or suitcase, they can also serve as organizers so same items are in one bag altogether. Just put your items in them and Tetris-style pack them into your luggage and you’re golden from every trip here on out.


Speaking of Tetris. Don’t be afraid to just make sure every inch of space in your luggage has been maximized. Don’t just fold or roll, throw in, and zip up. It may be a chore for some people, but trust us, making the effort to maximize space and figure out packing like a puzzle not just allows you to fit more things, but pack more efficiently—plus, it gives you a clearer picture of what went where.


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Vacuum bags and seals have saved many a stylish overpacker from leaving behind outfits that they want to take stunning photos in, as well as people going to colder places that necessitate warmer, thicker clothing. Just fold your items into vacuum bags, seal them, and vacuum the air out of them (there are manual and electric pumps) to save plenty of much-needed space. Just make sure your luggage isn’t over the weight limit!


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No one’s gonna call you a nerd if you do it! You don’t have to make an elaborate, decorated packing spreadsheet, but it helps to be prepared and organized. Make checklists of everything you want to bring, from travel essentials to outfits, toiletries to accessories, before you even get started packing. This helps you not forget a thing.

You can even plan out your outfits according to your itinerary this way, pairing things together and making the most out of the items you can reuse like shoes and bags (don’t bring too many!). Plus, you can put your packing list, itinerary, budget, bucket lists, all in one document.


A minor tip, for sure, but choosing travel-friendly clothes makes bringing an iron or steamer obsolete. While not that many people care these days, it can still be a bummer when you bring out that top or dress you wanted to wear on the day and see it’s marred by wrinkles. So, pick fabrics that’ll survive the suitcase compression, haphazard folding, and the trip itself.


Especially if the place you’re going to has unpredictable weather. Make sure to check the weather during the time you’re going to visit the destination beforehand, and pack items that’ll ensure you’ll be stylish and comfortable during your trip, rain or shine. If you anticipate colder weather, pack a jacket or some warmer tops or tights you can just put on under your pants. If it gets hot, grab a few tees and cropped tops to get you sorted—which you can wear under jackets if it suddenly gets cold. The key is to balance being prepared with maximizing space.

And never forget your essentials! That’s what the spreadsheet or list is for. Sunscreen, umbrella, toiletries, etc. Not only will this minimize hassle, but it also saves you from having to spend unnecessarily for things you already own in another place (where they might even be more expensive).


  • We all know the “roll clothes up” trick, but don’t rely on it 100%. Sometimes, the ideal thing to do is to fold things as flat as possible, especially if they’re made of thinner fabrics like sundresses and tops. Just stack them atop each other or place them on the bottom of the suitcase for a barely-there layer.
  • Whether a camping bag or a suitcase, pack as tight as possible. Don’t want anything to jostle around!
  • Fragile things or loose items (e.g. glass/ceramic souvenirs, makeup, perfumes), even if they’re in packing cubes or pouches, will be better protected surrounded by tight layers of soft clothes. You see how much luggage gets thrown around?
  • Be ruthless when it comes to over-indulging yourself. Do you really need 5 pairs of shoes for a 3-day trip?
  • Don’t worry too hard about having a perfect, Insta-worthy outfit every day. Your vacation is for you to relax and see and experience new things. Comfort and style can go hand in hand, but unless you’re being paid for photos, or you really want to serve, you don’t need to give up comfort (and extra luggage space). But of course, enjoy the trip the way you want to!

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