Your Concert Abroad Starter Pack, According To These Filipino Swifties

Your Concert Abroad Starter Pack, According To These Filipino Swifties

It takes commitment, that's for sure.

Hear all about the going-abroad-for-a-concert experience straight from these Pinay Swifties (and find out what essentials they brought—for future reference).

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So, with the end of Taylor Swift’s six shows in her only Southeast Asian tour stop, I bet we’re all asking: What was it like to attend Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Singapore? And what are a few essentials to get you through going abroad for a concert?

Photo courtesy of Jasmine Paras

If you weren’t one of the people who flew to Singapore to attend one or more of the superstar’s concerts, then you’re one of those who knew someone who did. From celebrities to family members, creators to friends, plenty of people are determined to see their favorite artist live, even it means not just buying a ticket, but also booking a flight and a hotel.

Since Taylor struck a deal with the Singaporean government to have its only Eras Tour stop in Southeast Asia in Singapore, thousands of fans across nations took it upon themselves to adjust. They put on their brave faces and set out to have more of an adventure than they expected. We asked a few Swifties to tell us all about it.


Photo courtesy of Jasmine Paras

For Pinay Swifties Jasmine, Sofia, Lyan, and Nicole—some of them on their first solo trip abroad and some of them attending their first-ever concert (Taylor simply means that much to them)—there was no doubt that they had the time of their lives.

A general consensus among SG Eras Tour attendees was that the pre-show process and general Singaporean systems were streamlined and convenient.

“Despite the long queues and bag checks, the entry wasn’t stagnant and we were always protected from the sun and heat, thanks to efficient queue management and reserved seating,” Jasmine says. “Although, this can be attributed to fellow Swifties from previous nights sharing their queue experiences.”

Since Day 1 of the SG Eras Tour, Swifties have taken to social media to share their concert experiences to help other Swifties be more aware of what to do, what to bring, what not to bring so they wouldn’t be confiscated, where to go, among others. Make the whole place ✨shimmer✨ with these Eras Tour Tips! #taylorswift #tstheerastour #erastour #singapore #windowseatph #fyp ♬ original sound – Kookie the cat

“From bag checks to crowd control, systems were strictly in place,” Sofia adds. “We didn’t have a problem going home, too, despite the huge amount of people that attended the concert. It also helps that they have a world-class public transportation system.”

And while the Singapore shows may have ended, there are still plenty of stops that Filipino Swifties are attending, and plenty more concerts to go to abroad. So after talking to Jasmine, Sofia, Lyan, and Nicole, we’ve rounded up a checklist of absolute essentials that you need to consider bringing on your concert trip abroad.


🎫 Physical Copies of Your Concert Tickets

You may think it’s enough to have a digital copy of your ticket, but what if your phone dies (or worse, gets lost or stolen)? Or what if the scanner doesn’t work properly? Or even worse, what if your ticket was a scam, like in Hazel Quing‘s case and many others’? A tangible, physical, printed copy of your ticket is your safest bet, according to Lyan.

“It was so unfortunate to see so many people get scammed on the day of their Eras Tour concert,” Sofia also shares. “Be extra vigilant in buying tickets from resellers or third-party applications aside from the event organizer. Don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose.”

📑 Research

Research about the country you’re going to, the guidelines and prohibitions of the concert venue, and other similar things not only helps you make the best decisions for your trip abroad, it can also help you navigate unfamiliar territory (both literally and figuratively) more easily.

“Research helped me iron out the itinerary of my trip, especially because it led me to discover hidden gems and non-touristy places off the usual itinerary (like 8storeytree, The Projector, and OhStories.SG),” Jasmine shares. “It helped me experience a different side of the country that I hadn’t experienced during my first time in Singapore.”

💰 Emergency Currency

“Always have extra cash in your wallet and/or in a different bank account that’s easily accessible to you, just in case anything happens to your money on hand. Best to prepare emergency money that’s good for 2-3 days in the country you’re staying in,” Sofia advises.

🗂️ Personal Documents

Sofia also advocates for keeping important, personal documents with you on-hand. “When going abroad, be it for a concert or not, I think it’s absolutely necessary that you have all your personal documents safely with you at all times. This includes your passport, other identification cards, and the like.”

📲 Convenient Essentials

From handy packs of tissues to a portable mini-fan, bring what you would to a concert here to any concert abroad. “Not all bathrooms have tissue,” Nicole warns. And if you forget something abroad, you can’t just go back to your house or have it Grabbed to you! Bring your phone, a charger, a powerbank, tissues, alcohol, lip balm, and make sure you have access to the Internet.

👯‍♀️ Good Company

Even if you’re traveling solo, there are always opportunities for you to have good company during your trip—especially if hundreds of people like you are going to the same country for the same reason. They can not only make the experience more fun, but they also have your back in case anything happens.

“Having good company is a must when when traveling abroad,” Jasmine says. “I went with Ate Cha, whose presence was invaluable to my trip. She’s probably the reason I didn’t get lost every time I was with her—plus, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have tried out different cuisines in the country.”

🗣️ Kapal Ng Mukha

Essentially, Jasmine means be brave enough to be social. You’re there because you have a shared love for the artist and her music, and especially now what with things like friendship bracelet exchanges, it’s a wonderfully unique experience. “I think making new friends overseas is definitely a highlight.”


Of course, the elephant in the room was that these Swifties had to go abroad to watch Taylor because there is no Eras Tour stop in the Philippines. “I’ll always be the biggest Taylor Swift fan I know,” Sofia says. “But it was definitely disappointing that she didn’t visit any other Southeast Asian country for the Eras Tour.”

Jasmine adds, “I couldn’t help but wish for more accessible ticket prices, considering the additional expenses fans incur for accommodation, airfare, and other essentials. Perhaps offering diversified bundles like ticket, airfare, and accommodation packages could have eased the financial burden for non-Singaporean fans.”

Affordability and accessibility are big issues involved in going to concerts abroad, that’s why these Swifties consider it a privilege to be able to be among the crowds in stands, going wild. “Because it’s really an insane amount of money to pour into one artist or show,” Lyan says. But regardless, if you’re committed to doing it, to seeing an artist you love abroad, it’s always best to be prepared.

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