bini sheena dance moves

9 Times When BINI Sheena Flexed Her Killer Moves

She's BINI's main dancer for a reason.

BINI slays the stage all the time, no doubt, but Sheena is on another level.

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It has been quite a successful year for this generation’s Nation’s Girl Group, BINI. It feels like P-pop’s It-girls manifested their future in 2021 when they released their debut single and first EP Born To Win, because 2022 has so far seen Aiah, Jhoanna, Gwen, Maloi, Colet, Stacey, Mikha, and Sheena achieving winning moments that can well be their career highlights. 

From bannering P-pop talent on the international stage (performing in ASAP Las Vegas concert, doing guestings, and media stints) to releasing their latest seven-track, LSS-inducing EP Feel Good, BINI is indeed in their victorious era and has continuously made their Blooms proud. This is also why NYLON Manila has included BINI in our Favorite P-Pop Comeback of 2022 poll where you can vote for your idols who, like BINI, have made noise this year. 

And speaking of making noise, one BINI member has been heating up our FYPs with her killer dance skills. Of course, when it comes to performances, BINI without a doubt always serves. Yet, you also can’t deny that in the groove department, the group’s main dancer and youngest member Sheena moves on a different level. She’s even gathered her own league of fans called Shinies and caught the attention of K-Pop star Jessi because of the way she eats the dance floor with her sheer talent. Let’s look at some of the moments where BINI’s Sheena ate and left no crumbs.


@bini_sheena muntik ko na makita si Lord after this run. @BTS #RunBTS #bini ♬ Run BTS – BTS

Look at how Sheena effortlessly glides in the air and strikes those moves to BTS’ Run BTS, owning us all like a true hip-hop queen. If you need a reason why Sheena is the main dancer of BINI, here it is.


@bini_sheena today was fun :”) #ningning #aespa #bini ♬ Untouchable Kpop I am the original – mieom_ee

Here is Sheena channeling her inner aespa fan as she busts some moves to Meghan Trainor’s No ala NingNing. Even the birds sensed the talent and had to participate.


@bini_sheena #zoomchallenge #zoominzoomoutchallenge ♬ ZOOM – Jessi

In the dance video that’s made K-Pop icon Jessi and millions of other fans stan hard, Sheena exudes smooth confidence while acing the Zoom challenge.


@bini_sheena nag crop top sa alaska dc @Josh Junio 🙌🏻 #bini ♬ original sound – Josh Junio

Even the cold weather can’t stop BINI’s Sheena from turning the heat up while casually dancing to Josh Junio’s challenge in Alaska.


@bini_sheena HOW DO U DO THIS TO ME #bini ♬ Nonsense by Sabrina carpenter – sabrinasueme

Not only on the stage does Sheena flex her talent, but even at home, she still radiates with that same cool and smooth swag. Even American pop singer-actress Sabrina Carpenter can’t help but take notice.


@binisheenaofc #datidatidancechallenge 🤩 #bini #fyp ♬ dati dati – Sarah Geronimo Music

Shinies and Popsters have always been noticing Sheena’s resemblance to the Pinoy Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo. And not only that, Sheena’s also got the moves and the vibes like that of the pop star. Like in this video where Sheena takes on Sarah G’s Dati-Dati dance challenge. “Siya talaga [ang] nawawalang kapatid ni SG,” notes one fan, and we couldn’t agree more.


@bini_sheena tara tara !! let’s do the Strings Dance Challenge ❤️‍🔥 #BINI_StringsDC #BINI ♬ Strings – BINI

Last September, BINI marked their comeback with their upbeat single, Strings. And in her entry for the Strings dance challenge, Sheena screams BINI main dancer energy.


@bini_sheena eto muna forda lowkey haha @enhypen &lt3 #futureperfect #enhypen #bini ♬ Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) – ENHYPEN

Sheena really said “all-around dancing talent” as she gives a no-sweat performance of ENHYPEN’s Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) that will surely make Filo ENGENEs and Blooms proud. As an ENGENE herself, she made the fandom proud.


@bini_sheena see you tom @ gensan !! 🖤💗 #bini #blackpink #shutdown ♬ Shut Down – BLACKPINK

Sheena really shuts it down with a dance cover of Blackpink’s Shut Down. Just by looking at that fiery performance, you can say that Sheena can very well be Blackpink’s fifth member. Just saying. 

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