Aespa Comeback Savage

Aespa Is Unapologetic In Their Latest Comeback, Savage

Don't you know I'm a Savage?

For their second comeback, aespa served visuals, vocals, and an unapologetic attitude in Savage.

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Even though it has been less than a year since they debuted, aespa has made a name for themselves as one of the girl groups you need to watch out for. Being SM’s first girl group in six years already brings the attention, but aespa also has the distinction of being the first K-Pop group to have virtual members. After releasing a series of stunning visuals and concept photos, the girl group is back with their new song Savage as well as their first EP, Savage – The 1st Mini Album.


Savage is a pop-trap song that sees aespa rap and sing about clapping back at someone who belittles them and expressing how they are way better than what people say about them. The song weaves through a trap heavy verse to a pop pre-chorus followed by an explosive beat drop in the chorus. Seeing Karina and Giselle rap is always a treat, and as expected, Winter and Ningning deliver on the vocals.

The music video, meanwhile, is a continuation of their unique storyline. It sees aespa and their avatars, ae, get help from naevis as they head off to KWANGYA to fight the villain, Black Mamba. The video also features themes and aesthetics similar to their past videos. We see a snake at the beginning to present the villain while the entire video has a futuristic setting to it. The set design is giving post-apocalyptic meets Tron vibes. Having aespa dance along with their virtual counterparts was cool and the shift to the animated style halfway through the video was a welcome surprise.


Update: aespa Drops Fierce MV Teaser & New Photos For “Savage” | Soompi

Along with the release of Savage, the group also dropped their first mini-album, Savage – The 1st Mini Album. The six-track release is very much in the realm of their pop-EDM sound, which there is nothing wrong about that, but the closing track, Lucid Dream, pleasantly surprises with its R&B and trap-inspired sound. Considering how aespa only has released three songs prior to Savage, this EP is a very welcome addition to their discography.

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