7 Times Miles Ocampo And Sharlene San Pedro

7 Times Miles Ocampo And Sharlene San Pedro Were The Most Supportive Beshies

Big Beshie Energy.

From child stars to certified actresses, Miles Ocampo and Sharlene San Pedro are the talented besties we want to hang out with.

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It is often said that talent attracts talent. So, it’s no wonder that Miles Ocampo and Sharlene San Pedro are best friends. In the storied tale of celebrity friendships, Sharlene and Miles stand the test of time with their bond lasting ever since they were on Goin’ Bulilit. The two are besties, or beshies as they like to call each other, for a reason. Whether it be traveling to other countries or enjoying concerts together, Miles and Sharlene have done it all, always there to be there for each other. Here are just some moments when the duo got us wishing we had our own supportive beshie.


Not only did Miles and Sharlene deliver a joint slay at the 2019 ABS-CBN Ball, but they also got ready together to do so. Both actresses glammed up in the same room before the ball, as friends do. See, that’s what happens when you think economically.


Turing 18 is a big moment that many people choose to celebrate with their family and close friends. So, when Sharlene celebrated her 18th birthday, she decided to go to Australia and bring Miles with her. The two, along with their moms, enjoyed the sights and other treasures the Land Down Under had to offer. What makes it even better was that Miles didn’t have a grand celebration when she turned 18, so the two stars got to celebrate together.  


Sharlene and Miles have known each other since they were castmates on Goin’ Bulilit. However, the two weren’t initially close, with Miles chalking it up to their two-year age gap. Things started to change though when their moms started becoming close, and, as a result, Sharlene and Miles started spending more time together. Once the two starred on Luv U together though was when their friendship crystallized. It’s a bond that remains solid to this day. They’re almost sisters at this point with how much they know about each other and the time they’ve spent together.


During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, friends weren’t allowed to see each other in person for months. That applied as well to Sharlene and Miles. So, it made for the sweetest of surprises when Miles traveled to Sharlene’s home just to surprise her. Naturally, they had a good time with their in-person reunion and bonded, among other things, over food.  


If there is a competition between friends who send the best birthday messages to each other, Miles and Sharlene would be the team to beat with the way they always know what to say to each other. Miles even prepared a cute minimalist cake for her beshie during Sharlene’s birthday in 2022.


Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating the love between couples. It is also a time to celebrate friendships and the people who you hold close to your heart for non-romantic reasons. That’s exactly what Miles and Sharlene did when they were each other’s Galentine’s date. Low-key the love these two have for each other can compete against some couples.


Recently, the two stars have been the talk of the town thanks to their performances in recent projects; Sharlene as Moon Young in Ten Little Mistresses and Miles as a young Marites Dimaguiba in Batang Quiapo. The latter in particular has been receiving widespread critical acclaim thanks to Miles’ award-worthy acting. And one of the many fans of Miles’ performance is Sharlene who took to Twitter to show love to her beshie. Friends who slay roles together, stay together.

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