This Beauty Brand Wants You To Commit To The Love Language Of Skincare

It’s all about self-love, baby.

Turning the traditional routine into a ritual anchored in self-love? Exercise and express the full scope of self-love through love language and skincare.

In the conversation of modern romance, nothing has come to forefront more than the expression and experience of love languages. While for the most reared by the ideals of fairytales and Disney films, knowing that love isn’t end all and be all to propel a relationship to its happy ending has become more matter of fact than a bitter pill to swallow. With the further discovering of the nuances of human condition, psychology has taught us that to really bring out the true and full potential of someone significant to us, we should communicate not solely with words (or thoughts), but through their love language. 

Focused on, but not limited to, five key points of consideration, the exercise of emotional currency has made it imperative than before giving, one must make sure that your own love language is articulated. Whether it be through words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and physical touch, it is just as important to honour these for yourself. With a deeper understanding of this pursuit, one brand has committed to make sure that you practice the easier said than done art of self-love. 

If its name is any indication, Y.O.U Beauty has really persisted at the long-lasting beauty, one that is unique to the self, as well as individual accessible beauty with advanced technology. Here, the result is beyond just skin deep, but one that radiates from within. 

The Love Language Of Skincare

Looking beyond the limits of time, Y.O.U Beauty seeks to understand self-love through the languages detailed earlier, and of course, its innovative portfolio of products. With the Y.O.U Beauty Advanced Youth Skin Series, a Planted XTM-focused product line meticulously designed and developed to future-proof your skin, you can go through the love language of your choice and more, which guarantees to bring out the very best of you. After all, nothing says self-love more than carving out and honoring me time with a skincare routine. 

Making a ritual out of the typical routine, you can begin by looking at the mirror and uttering your words of affirmation. Whatever brings peace of mind and joy to your spirit, keep reminding yourself of such words until it becomes action within the soul. In this definitive gift that is quality time, the process of realizing love languages continues with the standard skincare session. Cherry pick through Y.O.U Beauty’s Revitalizing Micro Essence (strengthen the skin’s barrier) and Recharging Peptide Eye Cream (reducing puffiness and dark circles) and generously lathering it on your skin. 

In this moment where time doesn’t exist, expand the sense of physical touch with the addition of two new products to the best-selling Y.O.U Beauty Advanced Youth Series: the Line-Smoothing Peptide Day Cream with SPF 15 and Line-Smoothing Peptide Night Cream that when used together maintains the skin’s elasticity and combats early signs of aging. 

To Love And Be Loved

In life we learn, more so along the way than in our early introductions to its complexities, that there is no one way of showing love. Even in the contemporary psychology, the discussion of love languages has expanded beyond the known five. Ever evolving and ever expressing, it truly is something that is best experienced and when one has fully comprehended and honors the concept of self-love. So, whether it be through the religious-like exposition of skincare, giving one the world through the varied love languages, or simply expressing emotions unequivocally and unapologetically, there really is nothing greater than to love and be loved in return.

And yes, that includes yourself.