4 Things We Want To See In The Series Adaptation Of ‘The Rain In Espana’

Raining soon.

The first TV adaptation of The Rain In Espana is almost here, and we have some thoughts on it.

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From rumor to reality, the series adaptation of The Rain In Espana is set to finally hit our screens. Over three months of filming has led to the season premiere this April 3 on the new Viva One streaming service. And as we get closer to the show’s launch, we recently got treated to a teaser trailer that sees Luna and Kalix sharing a moment at the bus stop in the rain. It made for a fitting and interesting peak. But to say that the discourse around this adaptation has been intense is an understatement.

It’s one of Gwy Saludes’ most-read books ever and helped spawn the popular University Series and a passionate fanbase. A series adaption was always destined to get people talking. And while a lot has already been said about this show before it’s airing, we want to see how the series shapes out when it’s out. This is why we have a wish list of things we hope this adaptation does and does right.


When it was first announced that The Rain In Espana was getting an adaptation, the fan casting for who should play the characters was through the roof. And once Viva officially revealed the cast, there was a noticeably mixed reaction to the news of seeing who will be the ones bringing to life their fave characters on screen.

Heaven Peralejo and Marco Galloc of The Rain In Espana

Still, we’ve been wrong before on initially unpopular casting decisions for beloved Wattpad novels. (For example, He’s Into Her.) So, we’re hopeful the cast can deliver. The characters in the novel are some of the most beloved in modern Pinoy fiction, so we’ll be rooting for Heaven Peralejo, Marco Gallo, and the rest of the cast to give justice to their roles.


A book-to-series adaption is a tricky proposition filled with potential landmines. This is why it gives us hope to see Gwy Saludes’ official participation in the series as the show’s writer. We trust Gwy knows what she is doing, so we feel she and the rest of the team cooked up a story that could complement the original novel greatly. While we aren’t looking for a straight-up copy-past of the novel (more on that later), we want a story fitting for the caliber of a novel millions adored. Give us that seminal college love story. 


The Rain In Espana by Gwy Saludes

History has shown us time and time again that the best book adaptations are the ones that don’t do a 100% remake of the source material. Instead, it’s the ones that does something new or adds the extra spice that compliments the original. The book is about to be translated into a visual medium, and as such, things will have to change. While we want the show to be a faithful adaptation of the book, we also want to see it add something different that makes the series worth it. With veteran director Theodore Boborol serving as series director, we’re hoping for just that.   


Music goes hand-in-hand with most of Gwy Saludes’ literary work. This is why we’re hoping that The Rain In Espana is going to have a killer OST that gives us all the kilig, feels, vibes, and everything in between. Good song selection can make or break a series, and we’ll be manifesting the former.

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