From Page To Screen: Upcoming Wattpad Adaptations To Have On Your Radar

Your fave books brought to life.

From Teen Clash, Kiss Master, and more, these Wattpad classics are getting the big and small screen adaptation.

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To the untrained eye, Wattpad may seem like something you do not take seriously. But over the years, the platform has delivered many books and stories that have captivated millions of readers all over the world. In fact, some of the most popular titles on the Wattpad comes from Filipino authors whose books have received millions of views. The platform actually has many books that can make for engaging, compelling, or relatable reads.

It’s no wonder then that the local entertainment industry has turned to Wattpad to adapt some of their most beloved titles into either a movie or show that have become hits in their own right. And that trend has continued to this day as there are quite a few adaptations coming on the horizon. Here’s a rundown of the Wattpad adaptations that have been announced, so far.  


This adaption serves as a collaboration between Wattpad WEBTOON Studios and GMA-7. Based on the novel of the same name, Luv Is centers on Florence and Nero. Florence comes from a rich family, but decides to leave her family behind in order to escape an arranged marriage set up by her father. She finds refuge in the home Don Ferrell, a family friend. There, she meets his grandsons, with one in particular, Nero, catching Florence’s eye. But, as secrets about her mom’s death is revealed and a dark figure from the past comes back to haunt her, Florence’s new life will be turned upside down.

The series will be led by up and coming love team Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay, also known as Team Jolly. Sofia is playing Florence while Allen is playing Nero. They will be joined by other members of the Sparkada in the cast. The series actually marks the first time Sofia and Allen are starring in a series as leads to fans won’t want to miss this. Already, the show has been winning with its killer theme song. Luv Is premiers on GMA-7 on October 3.


This Wattpad classic from Ilyn Anne Danganan, also known as iDangs, is getting the adaptation treatment. Set in Kingdom High, a group of girls transfer to their new school, but discover that many of the women are being bullied by their male classmates. The girls then decide to fight back, which leads to an eventual clash of the sexes. Gino M. Santos is set to direct the series with Black Sheep, the company behind films like Exes Baggage, Alone/Together, and Fan Girl will be the production team behind the project. Jayda Avanzado is set to play the lead star, which actually makes this her first ever lead role. She’s joined in the cast by Markus Patterson and Aljon Mendoza.


While the University Series may have come to an end, we are at least getting the series’ first ever adaption with the first book heading to the screen. As announced by Gwy Saludes herself, The Rain in España is getting an adaption courtesy of VIVA, and will be turned into 10 episode series directed by Theodore Boborol. The first book in the popular University Series follows Kalix, a student from a family of doctors. But instead of following the family legacy, he instead takes up Legal Management at Ateneo de Manila University. During his studies, he meets Luna, an Architecture student from UST and the two slowly form a bond that transcends being more than just friends. Marco Gallo will play Kalix and Heaven Paralejo will take on Luna. Sevi, meanwhile, will be played by Gab Lagman as Bea Binene takes on the role of Via. Rounding out the cast is Nicole Omillio as Kierra, Krissha Viaje as Yanna, and Aubrey Caran as Sam.


Get ready to see Sussie and Arkanghel on the screen as Jamille Fumah’s Kiss Master is getting an eight episode series adaption. The book follows young heroine Sussie five years after Arkanghel Wolfgang broke her heart. The playful bad boy, once head over heels for Sussie, has since turned into a cold and arrogant billionaire CEO. With social status and personal issues that could separate them for good, their worlds seem even further apart. But when Arkanghel reappears in her life and attempts to mend their broken ties, Sussie now has to decide if she finds it in her to forgive him.

Chad Vidanes, the director of the series adaption of fellow Wattpad hit He’s Into Her, will direct the show with Black Sheep Productions serving as the show’s main production unit. Kaori Oinuma will be making her return to Wattpad adaptations as she will be playing the series lead of Sussie. Kyle Echarri will play main love interest, Arkanghel, marking the first time Kaori and Kyle have starred in the same project together. Joao Constancia rounds out the cast as Hugo. No word yet on when the series is dropping.

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