6 Things To Know Before Visiting The BTS X James Jean: Seven Phases Exhibit in Manila 

Did someone say art?

Planning to visit the BTS x James Jean exhibit in Megamall soon? Stay prepared with this guide.

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If the approaching Christmas season has gotten you thinking of what to get your family and friends (and even yourself), there’s a new exhibit in town that might just be the perfect gift for that ARMY in your life. Recently, the BTS X JAMES JEAN: SEVEN PHASES EXHIBITION landed in Manila last October 28 at SM Megamall. Following its initial display at HYBE’s official company museum HYBE INSIGHT and a stop at Frankfurt, Germany, the exhibit makes its way to Southeast Asia for the first time.


But aside from the fact that you’ll get to see the actual artworks that James Jean and BTS collaborated on, the exhibit high-key serves as a treasure trove of memorabilia that ARMYs shouldn’t miss. Thinking of going soon? Here are a few things you need to know to have the best time at BTS X JAMES JEAN: SEVEN PHASES EXHIBITION in Megamall.


The main purpose of the exhibit is the landmark collaboration between BTS and the celebrated Taiwanese-American artist James Jean. The artworks encapsulated the BTS members in ‘Seven Phases’, comparing each member to the spirit of flowers. This exhibition offers a unique and transformative artistic experience, showcasing seven distinct phases that represent the convergence of music and art. Visitors will get to immerse themselves in the unique and harmonious worlds crafted by these exceptional artists.


The space is organized in a way that you see the evolution of the artworks, from inception to the final output. It showcases a remarkable series of 31 paintings by James Jean, capturing the essence of each BTS member. These exceptional paintings provide a window into the individuality and artistic spirit of each member, offering viewers an aesthetic connection with their favorite artists. 

The first stop of the exhibit, which is guided by a staff member, has the actual drafts that were made by each member as you are informed of the special meaning behind each drawing. You then see how it goes from sketch to the actual final pieces, which are a marvel to see in person as you take in the member-specific details James included for each member. Fun fact: each completed painting is fully owned by BTS, the members loaned their artworks for the exhibit, which will then be returned to them once it’s done. And like with most museum exhibits, you are not allowed to touch or step too close to the paintings, though photography and videos are allowed. 


Nope. While the BTS x James Jean paintings are the star of the show, that isn’t all that is there to see. The exhibit is divided into three major zones, the first being the artworks, and the second and third are the assets zone and fanzone that serves as a mesmerizing BTS memorial exhibition. They feature a treasure trove of iconic artifacts and memorabilia from the group’s iconic career. 

Among the highlights in the assets zone are the actual audio equipment used by each BTS member during their tours, such as microphones and in-ear monitors, coveted trophies from the VMAs, AMAs, and BBMAs, Guinness World Record plaques, and probably the best of them all, exclusive wardrobes pieces worn by the members in their Permission To Dance and Butter music videos and their DIOR outfits from their past tour. Yes, J-Hope’s viral black long-sleeves with the harness is there. 

Once you’re done taking in history, you then head to the fanzone, which is comprised of a room where you can write a message to BTS and/or specific members and a merch area to take home a souvenir or two. Do note though that taking photos and videos in the assets zone is not allowed, but is in the fanzone.


Yes. If you want to check out the exhibit, you have to buy a ticket from either SM Ticket outlets, their website, or at the entrance of the exhibit. One ticket costs 800 pesos if you buy it from an outlet or the entrance and 860 pesos if you buy it online (there’s an additional 60 pesos convenience fee per ticket). Also, entry is determined via your chosen timeslot. So, before you buy your ticket, you first have to choose your timeslot, with the earliest being 11-11:50 AM and the last call at 8-8:50 PM. However, starting November 13, the the new timeslot for the first entry will be 11:10-12 PM.


The exhibition takes place at SM Megamall, located on the 4th floor of Building A. 


It will be in operation until December 3, 2023, before it packs up and heads to its next destination. Operating hours will be from 11:10 AM – 8:50 PM. 

Photos courtesy of Nice Entertainment

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