Beyond The Story: Is BTS’ 10th Anniversary Book Worth Buying?

Beyond the budol.

This will be the ultimate budol that any ARMY should have on their bookshelf. 

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June is a special month for both the Korean global superstars, BTS, and their fandom, ARMY. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, various activities were prepared by BIGHIT MUSIC and BTS themselves to thank their loyal fans who supported them for a decade. And the biggest, by far, is the official release of their 10th-anniversary book entitled, Beyond the Story: 10-year Record of BTS.

Penned by BTS themselves and Myeongseok Kang, a leading Korean pop culture and music critic, the book presents the global icons not only as artists but as individuals. Wondering if the book might be your next BTS budol? We’ve gathered some information to help you decide to start saving (and buying) this once-in-a-lifetime collectible.


An official book co-written by BTS is already enough of a descriptor to have us press “add to cart”, but Beyond the Story also contains a whole host of goodies that make it worth adding to any ARMY’s collection. The book was written in three years as it sees the Bangtan Boys document their sincere story through interviews done without camera or makeup and provide new and raw perspectives. 

Beyond the Story is divided, fittingly, into seven chapters, chronologically arranged that invites the reader to walk the path with BTS. They are Chapter 1: Seoul, Chapter 2: Why We Exist, Chapter 3: Love, Hate, Army, Chapter 4: Inside Out, Chapter 5: A Flight That Never Lands, Chapter 6: The World Of BTS, and Chapter 7: We Are.

The book will also have unreleased photos that will highlight the individuality of each member combined with their commitment to the group. As a nod to its name, it also goes beyond the written page as it includes 330 QR codes, which will lead to the trailers, music videos, and online materials. Oh, and certain editions contain a photocard set. Do we need to explain further? 


Beyond the Story, with over 544 pages filled with exclusive content, launches on July 9 in various sellers and platforms, a perfect way to wrap up BTS Festa 2023. In a nod to their global fanbase, BIGHIT MUSIC will be making the book available in 23 languages, and that includes Filipino (yes, you read that right). Apop Books will be handling and distributing the official Filipino release of Beyond the Story. For the Korean version/ original edition, you can buy one on AladinKyobo, or Yes24. And if the English version is what you’re after, cop a copy on AmazonFully Booked, and National Bookstore.

So far, most of these sellers have sold out most of their inventory. So, continue to check out their official announcements on their respective social media channels. Prices for each site vary since most of them offer discounted prices for pre-orders. 

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