These Chart-Topping OPM Hits Have Been On Replay In Our Playlists

On constant repeat.

Let these hit OPM tracks take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

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While some try to disparage OPM and negatively compare it to other genres, there’s no denying that Filipino-made tracks just hit different to Filipino ears. A great OPM track can and will hit you in the feels and have you experience a whole range of emotions. And over the past few weeks, there has been a flurry of OPM songs that have connected with a wide audience.

Despite the barrage of songs from global superstars in the past weeks, these OPM songs have not only stood their ground on the charts, but consistently topped them. It just goes to show that people will always love a good OPM song. Get your playlists ready for these recently-released tracks that have been ruling the charts with their music, lyrics, and message.


Sure, we will always have A-list musicians from major record labels. But there’s just something special about Filipino indie music. The underground scene is home to some exciting new acts and songs. Such is the case with the six-piece band Dilaw and their hit song, UhawInitially released in November 2022, the love song about the need of spending time with that special someone was quite mellow. Its Tayong Lahat version released a month later gave it new life and turned it into the song we all know and love today.

Currently sitting atop the Spotify Philippines chart, Uhaw is the perfect kind of love song that’s easy on the ears and heavy on the heart. Once you’re done listening to Uhaw, we suggest you also give a listen to their excellent Sansinukob EP.


Whether on the radio or TikTok, you probably heard of this viral megahit from Olongapo, Zambales- based band, SunKissed Lola. Believe it or not, the track is just the five-piece band’s third single. One listen of Pasilyo shows why the track became the breakout hit that it is. The wedding love song hits all the right notes as it brings its listener on a four-minute journey of pure bliss. When that final chorus hits, it’s like a tsunami of emotions washing over you.


If you’re in the mood for an inspirational Pinoy rap song, then you may want to listen to this viral hit from Jeff Grecia. Elevate was released at the tail end of 2022 and has since found an audience, and a big one at that. While the R&B and hip-hop track is undeniably catchy and near-hypnotic, especially in its chorus, the track hits deeper because of its motivational message about rising above adversity and trying to escape life’s problems.  


Whosever idea it was to bring Adie and Janine Berdin together needs a raise immediately. This collab was honestly destined to happen, and hearing their voices together is, as the name of the song suggests, magic to the ears. The acoustic love song has you feeling like your floating on a cloud with that special someone. It’s no wonder that the duet has racked up a jaw-dropping 114 million streams on Spotify and has been steady in the top 10 of the Spotify Philippines chart for months. It’s simply magic. 

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