Kamusta Ka Na? Jopay Deserves Its Newfound Popularity

'Wag ka nang mawala.

Whether it be 2004 or 2023, Jopay will always have a place in our hearts.

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It is said that you can never keep a good OPM song down. A track can still find a new audience years after its release. It’s a phenomenon that was seen in the past couple of years, like the sudden resurgence of Ace Banzuelo’s Muli in 2022. But one OPM track, in particular, has its foot on Pinoy pop culture’s neck as of late, and that’s Mayonnaise’s Jopay. Although it’s nearly two decades old, the classic rock number has found a legion of new fans in the past few months thanks to a perfect storm of things going right for it.


Jopay was included in Mayonnaise’s 2004 debut album of the same name and was already a hit at the time of its release. It then became a staple of modern OPM rock and one of the band’s biggest hits to date. But the past few months have seen the song, which can trace its origins to lead vocalist Monty Macalino watching the Sexbomb Girls, particularly member Paguia Zamora crying on TV, enter a whole new phase of its popularity and become a moment in Pinoy pop culture.

And that rise first began in earnest when it was included in the 2022 film Ngayon Kaya starring Janine Gutierrez and Paulo Avelino. Without going into spoilers, the track is used in a pivotal scene and serves as a highlight of the entire movie. Soon enough, the track found itself going viral on TikTok, which seems to always find itself at the scene of the crime. In particular, the song’s recognizable opening chords were used in the “what if” trend where people shared their what if stories on life, love, and everything in between, as well as other kilig moments.

@tonirmorales Wag papayag na option! #whatif #advice #realtalk #reality #relatable #relationship #mixedsignals #dating #talkingstage #option #redflags #feelings #worthit #foryou #fyp ♬ Jopay – Mayonnaise
@jeffcoronado_ suggestion lang po 😅🥰 #davidlicauco #sobracafe #fyp @Sóbra Cafe ♬ Orig Sound by XIII SUMMER – Kaye♡yenicall


The song’s virality would soon transcend from just its opening chords to the whole song itself as new fans got hooked on the timelessness of the track. Going viral aside, the track was, is, and will forever be a great OPM song. It was great in 2004 and it’s still great now. The rock song just scratches that itch in your brain with lyrics that can speak to and transcend generations. To make the moment even more perfect, the classic tune has become a bit of a meme thanks to Kosang Marlon‘s *chef’s kiss* cover of the track.

@tj.aringo Jopay – Kosang Marlon (cover) #jopay #wagkangmawala ♬ original sound – TJ

And if you’re wondering if Mayonnaise is aware of the song’s newfound success, they very much are and are grateful for it. “Sobrang grateful talaga ako kasi it’s been years and it’s gotten a second life. The thing that is happening right now happened to us back in 2005 so it’s surreal that the buzz we got back then is happening all over again,” shared Monty in an interview.

Now, whenever the band performs the track in their concerts, mall shows, or at UST’s Paskuhan, you can bet the crowd, whether it be old fans or new, is going to go wild. It’s kind of funny to think that some of the people rocking to the song now were probably babies when it first came out. But that’s the power of an iconic OPM rock song. The hype is real and is deserved.

And to that, let our response be: “‘Wag ka nang mawala.”

@_ekaaaayyy Mayonnaise in the house!✨ #pentafloresfestival2022 #fyp #mayonaise #jopay ♬ Jopay – Mayonnaise
@ig_moniqueinib Jopay, kamusta ka na? #fyp #ustpaskuhan2022 #jopay #mayonnaise #ust ♬ original sound – Monique Valerie Inib

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