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11 Stars Who Bodied The Sarah Geronimo Dati-Dati Challenge

Sarah Geronimo you will always be famous.

While she did step away from music for a while, Sarah Geronimo’s comeback single, Dati-Dati, did what absolutely needed to be done.

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A prophetess once said, “I gave these b*tches two years, now your time’s up.” And pop princess Sarah Geronimo took that to heart. After spending the past couple of years in new music hiatus, the OPM legend finally made her long-awaited comeback in 2022 with the release of her single Dati-Dati. The catchy pop-funk number showcased how Sarah was still in her A-game despite spending the past few years focusing on other priorities. Seeing Sarah G back on the ASAP stage belting and dancing to the track felt like the old days as she showed the world how it’s really done.

But aside from Sarah being a natural on stage, one thing that has caught our eye about Dati-Dati is its choreography, created by Georcelle Dapat-Sy. The moves during the chorus are relatively simple enough to do, but when done right, makes you look smooth and sensual that perfectly matches the vibe of the track. It’s no wonder then that the track has been making the rounds on social media and in particular TikTok where the Dati-Dati Challenge has seen the song be used over 125,000 times. Here are some local stars who have been bopping along to Sarah G’s funky comeback.


@vivoree syempre as a Popster 🥹 #fyp #datidati @JoaoConz. ♬ Dati-Dati – Sarah Geronimo

As a Popster herself, Vivoree more than gave justice to her idol. And the inclusion of Joao made it even better.


@sheenabofficial HAPPY 17th Birthday to me🎈🎂🥳 #fyp #birthday #datidatidancechallenge #dance #happy ♬ Dati-Dati – Sarah Geronimo

When people say that Sheena Belarmino is a Gen Z star to watch out for, this cover proves it. The 17-year-old served face and moves.


@darrenespanto Did the #DatiDatiDanceChallenge with THE G-Force! Ito na yung official entry ko since my sample on ASAP went viral 😅 STREAM ‘DATI-DATI’ and ‘CUORE’ by Ate Sarah G. NOW! @G-Force Official ♬ Dati-Dati – Sarah Geronimo

Whether it be a sample on the ASAP stage beside Sarah herself or doing with the G-Force, Darren will always deliver with his groove.


@mutyaorquia_03 Na lss na talaga ako sa kantang toh #datidatidancechallenge ♬ Dati-Dati – Sarah Geronimo

Who would have guessed Abby from Be Careful With My Heart would grow up to be a young woman with smooth moves?



will forever love and idolize Ms. Sarah G!!! My favorite song atmmmm!!! 🤩💖

♬ Dati Dati Dance Challenge – G-Force Official

Are we that surprised Kyline would body the challenge? Her cover is as addicting as the LSS-including track.


@bini_sheena vibeyyy 💓💓 #datidatidancechallenge #bini ♬ Dati-Dati – Sarah Geronimo

If Sarah Geronimo would crown an heir apparent, we have a feeling Sheena’s going to be on the shortlist. BINI’s main dancer is just so effervescent when she moves.



lamig dito sa america kaya mag tiktok muna para magpapawis 🤪

♬ Dati-Dati – Sarah Geronimo

A new gen pop star slaying a dance to a song by a P-pop icon? P-pop’s future is in great hands.



nakanuod naba ng cine lahat?

♬ Dati-Dati – Sarah Geronimo

Awra is giving us the low-key version given that she’s at the movie theater. But she still did well and that green light makes for the perfect background.



try muna

♬ Dati-Dati – Sarah Geronimo

Gillian just got her hair done and wanted to show it off and we respect it. The moves and hair ate.



Sali ako!!!! 🤪❤️❤️❤️

♬ Dati Dati Dance Challenge – G-Force Official

The hair, stage-ready outfit, and moves? It’s giving Sarah G vibes and we’re here for it. That’s Precious Paula Geronimo right there.

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