The Ten Little Mistresses Teaser Is Here—And We Love It Already

Prepare for one hell of a deadly party.

From Eugene Domingo as the intimidating mayordoma to Arci Muñoz’s manghuhula role, Ten Little Mistresses promises an irresistibly campy ride.

2023 is shaping up to be a vibrant year for Philippine entertainment with an exciting and fresh slate of movies and shows coming on different platforms. And one particular offering to get hyped up about is the history-making murder-mystery-comedy Ten Little Mistresses (Sampung Mga Kerida), Amazon Prime Video’s first-ever Filipino original film. Recently, we have been blessed with a sneak peek that teases a story that will surely take us on one hell of a campy and hilarious journey that frankly, we all need and deserve. 

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May mamamatay ngayong gabi!

Released over the weekend, the Ten Little Mistresses’ teaser gives us more reasons to never miss this historic movie that promises a lot of lighthearted and just purely enjoyable romp for everyone to enjoy. The painfully short clip starts with a reference to a history book of the marites that deems a widowed billionaire’s meet-and-greet with his 10 mistresses as something legendary. What follows is just an overwhelming series of shots that scream camp: outlandish costumes and ornate headdresses, a Sia-inspired mistress, the COLORS, Arci Muñoz’s manghuhula, a city-sized mansion, Carmi Martin, and a mayordoma that looks much privileged than you are.

With an incredibly flamboyant mise-en-scène and a menacing storyline as the backdrop, the teaser gives off a vibe that is a mix of Joey Gosiengfiao’s Temptation Island, a dash of Etiquettes for Mistresses, and some dose of Knives Out for some party whodunnit goodness. Helmed by Jun Robles Lana and the makers of Die Beautiful and Panti Sisters, and produced by the streaming giant Amazon Prime Video, Ten Little Mistresses assures us of a quality comedy that will surely make us all cry-laughing.

Ten Little Mistresses movie

As you may all probably know, Ten Little Mistresses follows the story about ten mistresses who all desire to be the legal wife of the uber-rich patriarch, Valentin Esposo (John Arcilla). When he suddenly dies, his bereaved paramours become prime suspects and all hell just breaks loose. An all-star ensemble is another reason to get catch this film. Comedy heavyweight Eugene Domingo plays the head of the housekeepers while Carmi Martin, Pokwang, Agot Isidro, Kris Bernal, Sharlene San Pedro, Adrianna So, Kate Alejandrino, and Iana Bernardez all play the mistresses of diverse backgrounds: from a gold-digger to a gold-wearer, a doctor to a “dinoktor,” and from millennial to a Gen Z, and even Gen X lover. 

Fans couldn’t help but gush over Prime Video’s original Filipino offering this year. One user cheerfully tweets about how his subscription is worth it because of Ten Little Mistresses and, of course, Drag Den. While other netizens find the upcoming movie’s camp attitude to be the sole reason for them to get seated. Several fans also praise Mistress’ A-list cast members and express their support for their idols like Eugene Domingo, Carmi Martin, and Sharlene San Pedro.

As announced last year, Ten Little Mistresses is among a slate of original Filipino content coming from Prime Video this year. Meanwhile, don’t miss Ten Little Mistresses as the mystery starts to unfold on Februar 15, 2023, just in time for the love season. Follow Prime Video’s social media page for more announcements.

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