Women to Watch: Avon and NYLON Manila Award a New Wave of Multifaceted Women

The future is female.

Avon and NYLON Manila came together to celebrate National Lipstick Day by presenting a new wave of dynamic women who have served as a source of inspiration within their respective industries.

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The future is female. With women taking center stage, thriving in their chosen industries, and breaking boundaries, we’re seeing the glass ceiling slowly but surely break. In a world where women are shattering expectations and leaving their mark in every sphere, Avon Philippines and NYLON Manila have come together to celebrate all that and more by awarding the ‘New Wave of Women to Watch.’

In a celebration that goes beyond beauty and style, together, they have curated a showcase of six multifaceted women who serve as shining lights of inspiration for every walk of life. From filmmakers to entrepreneurs, mothers to pageant queens, these remarkable women are not just making waves; they are changing the tide and paving the way for future generations.

Beyond Beauty

New Wave of Women: Avon Philippines and NYLON Manila

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world we live in, empowering women has become an essential movement. That being said, Avon Philippines and NYLON Manila recognize the importance of championing women and celebrating every success story.

While the celebration centers on the arrival of the beauty-breakthrough Hydramatic Lipstick in the country, the spotlight reaches well beyond beauty. Awarded by NYLON Manila’s Editor-in-Chief, Ayn Bernos, these dynamic women aren’t just figureheads; they are change-makers and influencers in their respective domains. In a captivating display of boldness, femininity, and newness, these powerhouses confidently narrate their experiences, effortlessly navigating the best of both worlds in their professional endeavors and personal lives. Truly, these Avon Women embody duality at its core.

The New Wave of Multifaceted Women

New Wave of Women: Avon Philippines and NYLON Manila
<br> Nylon Manilas new wave of women to watch with NYLON Manilas Editor in Chief Ayn Bernos and Avon Philippines Head of Color Sol Ocampo
New Wave of Women: Avon Philippines and NYLON Manila

Bold and Caring: PIA WURTZBACH

The Bold and Caring Award celebrates an advocate for HIV awareness and has been actively involved in humanitarian affairs, speaking out against cyberbullying and discrimination toward the LGBTQ+ community. Pia Wurtzbach is the true essence of a beauty queen with her bold beauty and nurturing advocacies, making her the perfect Avon Woman of the Universe and muse for Hydra Garnet.

Clever and Classic: CLEO LOQUE

The Avon Woman of Tomorrow is Cleo Loque. Despite being the youngest awardee of the evening, she has already emerged as a rising leader in local business. Currently a second-year student pursuing a BS Entrepreneur degree at Enderun Colleges, Cleo is also the CEO of lifestyle brands Hiraya Pilipina and Hiraya Studios. The Gen Z entrepreneur started her clothing brand, Hiraya Pilipina, when she was 15 years old, and she skillfully balances her business endeavors with her academics. She is setting an example for her followers, embodying the timelessness of the Hydra Red.  

Delicate and Daring: SAMANTHA LEE

The Delicate and Daring Award recognizes a filmmaker who advocates for better representation of women and the LGBTQ+ community in local cinema. You may have seen some of her works, including Baka Bukas, Billie and Emma, and Sleep With Me. With a strong voice, she fights for causes that are close to her heart, making Samantha Lee the Avon Woman of Courage. Needless to say, she’s giving a whole new feel to the Hydra Pink.  

Fierce and Feminine: CLARE DACANAY

The Avon Woman of Inspiration is Clare Dacanay. Embodying fierceness and femininity, Clare is hoping to break the notion that motherhood limits one’s aspirations. Believing that her responsibilities as a mother aren’t a hindrance, she is breaking barriers by pursuing her dream of becoming a beauty queen and has already made history as one of the first mothers to compete in Miss Universe Philippines.

She is a fierce entrepreneur and is also known as a nurturing mother among her peers, family, and audience, perfect for the Hydra Ruby.

Soft and Sexy: MIA RIEZA

The Soft and Sexy Award champions a plus-sized icon. Mia Rieza is an advocate for body positivity and debunking myths regarding obesity. Using her platform on social media, this Filipina model shuts down fat-shaming comments and toxic beauty standards, making her the Avon Woman of Shape. That being said, she gives a whole new character to the Hydra Rosy.

Posh and Playful: Angelique Manto

The Avon Woman of Charisma is Angelique Manto, a beauty queen and former courtside reporter who also advocates for mental health. Is there anything she can’t do? She serves as a sophisticated style icon and acts as everyone’s happy pill with her sense of humor, perfectly embodying the essence of Hydra Plum.

How Does Lipstick Empower Women?

New Wave of Women: Avon Philippines and NYLON Manila

In a world where women are constantly encouraged to embrace their individuality and find empowerment, there’s one simple beauty product that has stood the test of time – lipstick. For Miss Universe 2015 and Avon Color Ambassador, Pia Wurtzbach, wearing lipstick can boost a woman’s confidence and self-esteem.

In an interview with NYLON Manila, she says, “Lipstick is the only makeup product that, with one swipe, you can see a change in your face right away. So, I think it’s the go-to. You can have a really light coverage foundation, or not even bother to do a full-face, but as soon as you swipe some lipstick on, it really gives you that boost of confidence and color. And also, you can use it as a blush. Just like women, it’s so versatile.”

These Avon Women embody the essence of duality at its core, proving that women can seamlessly thrive and manage multiple roles. They encourage others to embrace their versatility, showing that one can be bold and caring, fierce and feminine, ambitious and nurturing, all at once. Now, let us raise our Hydramatic Lipsticks in salute to these multifaceted women. Together, we enter a new era where women’s achievements are celebrated and their stories championed every day.

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