The Lead Stars Of Mula Sa Buwan Getting Engaged During The Final Show Is Too Wholesome

An engagement to remember.

The fact that Myke Salomon proposed to Gab Pangilinan while they were still in character during the final curtain call of Mula Sa Buwan is just too much to handle.

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In the timeline of long-term relationships, the decision to marry that one person is enough to keep you up at night for days. Then, when you decide that the time is the right one, you then have to think about how you’ll pop the question. While some keep it simple like doing it at an intimate dinner, others go big for a moment truly spectacular. For Myke Salomon, he went bold with his take on this core memory-making moment, which essentially became one of the best and most wholesome marriage proposals this 2022, so far.


Pinoy musical Mula Sa Buwan recently had its awaited return to the physical stage at Samsung Performing Arts Theater these past few weeks. The musical, which is a Filipino adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, stars Myke Salomon as the titular character. Gab Pangilinan, meanwhile, plays his love interest, Roxane. But while the musical depicts Cyrano as a lover from afar, Myke and Gab are actually dating in real life.

During the final show of the current run on September 18, Myke decided to bring their relationship to the next level. During the final curtain call as the actors waved goodbye to the sold-out crowd, someone gave Gab, who was still in character as Roxane, a letter from Cyrano. Not knowing what it was, she read it out loud before she slowly realized that it was Myke’s way of asking her hand in marriage. Once she read the beautifully written letter, she opened a package that contained the engagement ring as Myke, who was still in uniform as Cyrano, went down on one knee. Without hesitation, Gab said yes to the cheers of the entire cast and the audience.

Photo courtesy of Kat Cuerpo

Myke could have easily popped the question during a more intimate moment, but the fact that he did it during the final curtain call while they were still semi in-character is actually iconic if you think about it. Doing it at the last showing of Mula Sa Buwan was a core memory right there. Plus, the audience who were able to catch the last show definitely got their money’s worth.


Without spoiling the musical, Cyrano and Roxane’s relationship isn’t exactly the most wholesome of love stories. Cyrano loves Roxane from afar, so the fact that he got to propose to her made for the sweetest of endings. Despite the seemingly ineffable tragic love story, in the numerous showings of Mula Sa Buwan, Cyrano and Roxane have finally found their happy ending. The tragic love story finally has one where both Cyrano and Roxane (or at least their actors) finally get what they want.

And for those who may have missed Mula Sa Buwan’s latest run, don’t fret as the show is coming back for a new run sometime this December.

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