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Up Your Street Style Phone Photography Skills With These Fool-Proof Tips And Tricks. Yes, Even At Night

Tonight, we capture the light.

Elevating the phone photography experience, dull and dreary images of the night are a thing of the past with the introduction of the realme 9 Pro Series.

Remember the days when one had to lug around a hefty camera to produce crisp and compelling shots of absolutely anything? Wielding it is another story altogether, but nonetheless cumbersome. As many creatives have asserted, inspiration is everywhere, so whipping out a DSLR requires a considerable amount of effort and time, which is a luxury and skill many are not privileged to, especially in the by-the-second pace of the contemporary and connected world. Today, the bulk of even the near professional camera has been left to the hands of the experts, while the veritable extensions of the self, our smartphones, have become a worthy alternative for the perfect images at a moment’s notice. And let’s get real here, the results, especially when it comes to street style photography are not far off from each other either.

No longer just a feature to add extra value to the brick of communication permanently fused to our palms, the camera functions of a smartphone have become a foremost consideration when choosing a device. In fact, for some, it is the primary hook they latch on to. With content being the currency of consumption, a lot rides on what the phone can capture, so in terms of innovating its technologies, brands have definitely been stepping up their game. Take realme for example, which has claimed the right to be called the number one smartphone in the Philippine market for 2021 (according to sell-in data from global research firms International Data Corporation and Canalys, and its significant push for top of the line features across its range of products.

In its latest introduction, realme packs a knockout punch with realme 9 Pro and realme 9 Pro+, a line of fine-tuned mid-range devices that push the boundaries of phone photography.

Phone Photography Elevated

The message is clear: With the realme 9 Pro Series, you can capture the light like a well, pro. “We know how passionate consumers are when it comes to mobile photography so we wanted to bring the best in camera technology within the midrange segment,” details Austine Huang, realme Philippines’ VP for Marketing. “With this in mind, realme designed its newest Number Series smartphones to cater to content creators and photography enthusiasts and professional photographers, so they may hone their craft and expand their creativity when taking pro-level content.”

More than just an update and upgrade, the latest release from realme elevates the image-making experience from head-scratching to liberating. Taking care of the technicals and technology, it is built to keep up with all your needs. The realme 9 Pro+ is equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G Processor, 90Hz Super AMOLED Display, Vapor Chamber Cooling System, and a 4500mAh battery, and 60W SuperDart Charge. Meanwhile, the realme 9 Pro is equally capable with thee Snapdragon 695 5G Processor, 120Hz Ultra Smooth Display, Liquid Cooling System, a 5000 mAh battery with 33W Dart Charge, among others.

These days, there is a premium for capturing moments, and realme is not only captivated by this premise, but committed to it. The realme 9 Pro+ is equipped with a Triple Camera setup consisting of the main 50MP lens, an 8MP 119-degree ultra-wide angle lens, and a 2MP 4cm macro lens to cater to any photography need. The realme 9 Pro also packs this setup for its rear but with a 64MP main shooter. After all, magic doesn’t choose a time. When it happens, it happens. All you have to do is click.

Now, with all that locked and loaded in the light-shifting realme 9 Pro Series, you can turn your focus to tips and tricks you can refine to encapsulate the best of what the world has to offer even at night.

Compose Yourself And Keep It Steady

Focus. This is a word that grounds the business of imagery. While there is a certain charm to wispy and whimsical shots that make great use of shakes and sharpness, one cannot discount the power of a concentrated photograph. The basic still holds true: Compose yourself and keep your hands steady. But even with one’s best efforts, not everything will be as balanced. While the realme 9 Pro Series has an impressive autofocus that gives a photo its depth, it also allows for a more freeform control, which you can zoom and focus with a simple swipe and tap. In addition, the realme 9 Pro+ is equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and AI Noise Reduction Engine 3.0 to address common factors that could make or break any shot taken in low light.

Capture The Light, Even At Night

In photography, light is of utmost importance. Even at its most dramatic, there is always a sliver of light that flirts with a fragment of time, making it even more fascinating. So, when capturing a moment, it is imperative to find the best light. Now, as fickle as nature is, the light will not always be on your side, or who knows, you just wanted to turn that slice of life immortal at night. Do not fret because the realme 9 Pro+ is equipped with the ability to embrace the night with the flagship-level Sony IMX 766 camera sensor. Here, there will be no more fussing with edits just to bring a photo come to life even with the least ideal lighting. Even videos are captured in the best of light with its AI Nightscape enhancement algorithm. On the other hand, the realme 9 Pro is just as capable with its 64MP Triple Camera Setup that has been fine-tuned to capture high-resolution snaps in various lighting conditions.

Expose The Streets

If you think painting your street style photos with streaks of heightened colors is impossible? Think again. Even without technical settings and a tripod at your disposal, you can bring your dull and dreary night shots to life with smart long exposures. With just a touch using the Street Photography 2.0 of the realme 9 Pro, the limits of creativity are challenged with a surprising ease. Here, this pro-level photography feature will help make you take better shots straight from your phone with its inherent Long Exposure Mode. Bokehs and neon portraits aside, you can also make use of the Neon Trail, Light Trail Portrait, Rush Hour settings to enhance your captures with color, clarity, and creativity. In a click, the ordinary becomes decidedly extra.

And filters? They can be your friend, when done just right. Flick through the realme 9 Pro series and make use of the Nightscape and 90s Pop filter where you can capture the light at its most magnificent in a photograph worthy to be admired from day to night.

The realme 9 Pro (8GB+128GB) is available for SRP P16,990, while the realme 9 Pro+ (8GB+256GB) retails for SRP P23,990. These are available via the realme Official Store on Lazada at all realme official stores and partner dealers nationwide.