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10 Stars And Personalities Who Studied Abroad

Following dreams and getting that education.

When it comes to their education, these young stars didn’t stop at local boarders and went overseas to continue their studies.

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To be able to go to school and achieve an education is a dream and goal for many, regardless of where you come from. And for others, an even bigger dream is the provo to be able to study overseas and preferably in a prestigious university. Admittedly, it is not easy. But for those who have managed to do it, those experiences can yield life changing results. Even celebrities have dreams and ambitions of moving to another country to pursue higher education and some have actually made that dream a reality. Whether it be full degrees or short courses, these following stars were able to go to school outside the shores of the country.  


Ever since she won her season of PBB, Maymay Entrata has become one of the biggest stars of her generation. From being in box-office hits to walking in international fashion shows, Maymay has achieved so much that many could only dream of. But despite how far her career has taken her, the young actress and performer still considers her education as one of her top priorities. She has stated in the past that her dream is to study abroad and she did just that when she recently moved to Canada for school. We admire how Maymay put her career on hold for her to pursue her educational dreams.   


To many, Kakie Pangilinan is known as a musician, outspoken advocate for women empowerment, and the eldest daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Sen. Kiko Pangilinan. But Kakie also has a passion for reading and writing. And she’s taking that focus to the next level as she’s currently studying at a university in New York City.


As the eldest daughter of showbiz royalty Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, Atasha Muhlach has had her fair share of experiences in the industry. She’s a model, theater actress, and an endorser for many brands. But education is still top priority for the young star. After graduating high school from British School Manila, she enrolled in a business related course at a university in London, where she currently resides. Aside from that, Atasha is also into sports and painting, which you can see in one of her IG story highlights.  


Like his twin sister Atasha, Andres Muhlach is a model and has been a face for a few brands. And like his sister, he too studies abroad. Currently, Andres is living in Spain where he attends college.


Lorin Gutierrez is a young style star in the making and is one of the next-gen stars to keep an eye out for. But before she makes big moves in the industry, she is putting her education first. In 2021, Lorin moved to California to begin attending school at Pepperdine University.


Hannah Pangilinan has been a go-to YouTuber for many thanks to her fun vlogs, great personality, uplifting content, and aesthetic visuals. But aside from being a YouTuber, musician, and podcast host, Hannah can also add international student to her resume. In 2019, she took a one year course on Film and Television at Hillsong College in Australia.


Young actress and musician Melizza Jimenez’s journey with her school life has taken a few interesting turns to say the least. After she graduated high school in 2019, the He’s Into Her star decided to take a gap year for personal reasons. After, she enrolled in Queensland University of Technology where she initially went to school via online set up. But her studies and her work soon collided. Melizza was set to return to her role as Elle in season two of He’s Into Her. But because the shoot days kept on being pushed back, it conflicted with her moving to Australia to attend school on-campus. In the end, the role of Elle was recasted while Melizza is currently in Brisbane taking up a Double Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Communication.


Showbiz seems to run in the Portunak family as Ina Raymundo’s eldest daughter, Erika Rae, entered the industry by signing with Cornerstone Entertainment a couple of years ago. While she hasn’t done much yet, keep an eye out for her in the music industry. Not only has she released a couple of songs, but she also is currently studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, one of the most prestigious music schools in the world. Expect to see her hone her music skills in the coming years.


While Kiana Valenciano has enjoyed a successful career in music, there was the possibility that she would have instead entered the fashion industry. That is because Kiana actually graduated from the Raffles Design Institute. She then took a few courses on fashion design at Central Saint Martins in the United Kingdom. But music called her name and the rest is history. Clearly though she hasn’t forgotten her fashion roots as her style game is on-point.


While Callie Ahmee did not take from her mom the desire to enter the entertainment industry, she did take after her in a other ways. The 18-year-old is a YouTuber and has her own fashion brand called Cal the Brand. But ultimately, her dream goal is to be a pilot. And to that end, Callie just recently moved to Australia to study Aviation Management at Southern Cross University. Who knows, a few years from now, your next flight just might be piloted by Callie Ahmee.

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