You Will Soon Be Able To Keep Your Vaccination Card In Your Apple Wallet

A more convenient way to store your vaccination card.

In an upcoming update for iOS 15, users will soon be able to store their vaccination cards in their Apple Wallet to make for a more convenient experience.

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The pandemic has brought with it the new normal, and with that, a whole host of changes to how we live our lives. One of those big changes is the need to present a vaccination card or a negative COVID test. As more and more people get vaccinated, establishments from restaurants to hotels, malls, and more may require visitors to show their vaccination card for entry. After all, it’s already something that is being implemented by some countries that require foreign travelers to show proof of their vaccination.

But sometimes it can be a hassle to look for an email or carry a physical card in your pocket that may get damaged or worse, get lost. This is why Apple has come up with a new feature to help streamline the process.


Apple's iOS 15.1 Update Adds COVID Vaccination Cards to Apple Wallet

In an update coming to iOS 15, Apple announced that you can store verifiable COVID-19 vaccination cards to your Apple Wallet. Already, iOS 15 allows people to store important health certificates and test results in the Wallet via the Health app. The new update will allow users to present the digital vaccine card to businesses, venues, and more that require vaccines for entry. The feature is currently included in the beta of iOS 15, but is not available yet to all iPhone owners.

“With iOS 15, users can download and store verifiable health records, including COVID-19 vaccinations and test results, in the Health app. Verifiable health records in the Health app are based on the SMART Health Cards specification,” wrote Apple in a developer update.


If privacy is your concern, Apple has promised that businesses won’t get access to your data without your consent. Apple itself also won’t have access to your records nor how it will be used. “Users can choose to share verifiable health records stored in the Health app with approved third-party apps requesting this information, like airlines, event venues, and other businesses that facilitate in-person interactions.”

“Organizations that issue Smart Health Cards will soon be able to use a new button to let users know that they can securely download and store their vaccination information in the Health app and quickly add and present it from Wallet,” the blog post reads.

As of writing, only vaccination cards under the international SMART Health Cards standard will be applicable. But that doesn’t mean more types of COVID-19 vaccination cards can’t be added in the future though. The iOS 15 update is currently out now for all applicable iPhones.

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