Green With Envy: Deoproce Introduces Its New Green Caviar Line With Endorser Song Kang

The Love Alarm and Sweet Home star captivates audiences with his heartfelt acting and yeppeo glow.

We all love boy-next-door charisma and a hypnotic smile that can make our hearts race a mile a minute. One such face that comes to mind is that of the angelic Song Kang. The rising Korean actor has fresh talent that sets him apart from the crowd of K-drama oppas, and it doesn’t hurt that his appearance is a cut above the rest. He has that yeppeo (translated to “pretty” in Korean) glow that could make anyone do a double take. It’s no wonder that Korean skincare brand Deoproce has chosen him as their new face here in the Philippines.

song kang for deoproce

The young oppa first rang our hearts as a high school heartthrob-turned-actor in Netflix’s Love Alarm in 2019. Then he left us palpitating in his most bewitching demeanor as he fought monsters and his own inner beast in Sweet Home just last December 2020. Now, he’s taking breaths away with graceful leaps and pirouettes as a ballerino in his new drama, Navillera on Netflix, which aired its pilot episode last March 22. From one show to the next, his acting prowess and luminous skin took the spotlight, which is why Deoproce and Song Kang’s partnership is truly a match made in skincare heaven.

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Green Caviar as skincare? Deoproce did it first.

Korean beauty brands have always been a hundred steps ahead of the rest of the world. Their choice of unconventional key ingredients is always a wonderful discovery, and the same goes for their ambassadors. The use of both female and male celebrities is a staple of Korean beauty brands, normalizing the idea that great skin is something everyone can aim for regardless of gender. With Song Kang, Deoproce remains at the forefront of the skincare industry, blurring gender lines while still delivering innovative and effective products. In announcing a fresh face, Deoproce also launched its latest line: the Deoproce Natural Green Caviar Line. This luminous collection brings us an exciting yet unexpected breakthrough ingredient: green caviar (more commonly known as sea grapes). Deoproce is the first skincare brand to utilize this delicious and beneficial ingredient in its products.

While it might not be an ingredient you expect to be included in your skincare, this seaweed is rich in vitamins A and C. It also contains amino and Omega-3 fatty acids, which all help boost collagen production and reduce fine lines. It’s a great source of minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and calcium, giving it hygroscopic qualities that give the skin long-lasting moisture. Polysaccharides like fucoidan, which is a powerful antioxidant, also give it anti-inflammatory benefits.

deoproce, green caviar

Providing a set of products that create an entire skincare regimen, the Green Caviar Line carries the following: a cleansing water (PHP 690/150ml), a facial cleanser (PHP 590/170ml), a toner (PHP 790/150ml), a vitamin C ampoule (PHP 1,490/30ml), a water cream moisturizer (PHP 1,490/100ml), and a skin-perfecting tint with SPF 30+ (PHP 790/50ml). Each product is also labeled with a corresponding number in a sequence to guide you in your routine. The line promises to keep skin firm and hydrated, improve skin tone and texture, and bring out your natural, youthful glow. Song Kang’s favorite pick for this line is the facial cleanser.

Much like Song Kang’s fast-rising, dazzling stardom, Deoproce shines through to help you achieve your best yeppeo skin ever.

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