Trina Guyatingco

10 Song Covers That Showcase Trina Guytingco’s Musical Talents

Trina + her guitar = heaven.

Aside from being a gold-medal-winning basketball player, Trina Guytingco is also talented when it comes to music, as seen in these song covers.

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Most of you may know Trina Guytingco as the former basketball player for the Ateneo Blue Eagles, making a name and a following for herself with her moves on the court, often helping Ateneo to wins and even championship games. She even has a gold medal to her name as part of the women’s Gilas Pilipinas team that won the women’s basketball sport at the recently held Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam.

But aside from her prowess on the basketball court, Trina is also talented when it comes to music. The athlete describes herself as an occasional musician, but a peek into her social media pages shows that she often posts her song covers. Not only can she play the guitar and piano, but she can sing, too. Is there anything else she can’t do? Here are just some of Trina’s best song covers that will have you swaying from side to side.


@trinaguytingco stream superficial energy by the amazing @denise julia ♬ original sound – Trina G

Trina very much the vibes of this R&B jam from Denise Julia all while playing the piano.



under the influence slowed but rnbified

♬ original sound – Trina G

When Trina started playing the electric guitar during the chorus of this Chris Brown hit, the sound scratched that itch in our brain. It somehow made the song even more sensual.



i’ve been obsessed with moira’s ikaw at ako (masakit version) 🥲

♬ original sound – Trina G

At this point, she should just release a full cover. Trina’s take on the Moira dela Torre classic was both simple yet somber and had us feeling like we broke up with our non-existent ex.


In case you didn’t know, Trina and Janine Tenoso are good friends. In fact, Trina performed with Janine on the Wish Bus once. So, it’s no surprise then that their cover of Glimpse Of Us by Joji would serve. Janine’s vocals and Trina’s guitar skills are a deadly combo as exemplified by that electric guitar shred at the end of the cover.



kunwari – juan karlos

♬ original sound – Trina G

There’s no second-guessing how good Trina sounded on this cover.



thank you tiktok for getting this song stuck in my head ✨

♬ original sound – Trina G

With the way she sang Until I Found You, it sounded like a lullaby putting us in a comfortable place. It’s like she was singing it for us.



diwata rnbified

♬ original sound – Trina G

An R&B version of Diwata? Trina said, yes ma’am, and gave us a rendition of this viral hit that we never knew we needed.



snippet 👀

♬ original sound – Trina G

We’re very much obsessed with her low-key takes on songs, as seen in her cover of Sun And Moon. These simple yet sensual renditions suit her voice so well.


@trinaguytingco Entertain Me – Ylona Garcia Rnbified ✨ #piano #bass #guitar #beatremake #88rising #ylonagarcia ♬ original sound – Trina G

Vocals, bass, guitar, and piano? We love a musician multi-hyphenate. Trina gave a whole new vibe to Ylona Garcia’s Entertain Me, one we wouldn’t mind hearing a full cover of.


@trinaguytingco ♬ original sound – Trina G

Vocals weren’t needed for this cover of BIBI’s The Weekend. All Trina needed was the backing track and her fire guitar skills.

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