These Videos Prove That TikTok Star Roce Ordoñez Is A Born Storyteller

She's an actress, your honor.

There’s a reason why Roce Ordoñez is one of TikTok’s newest stars with her simple yet compelling skits attracting millions of views.

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When it comes to TikTok, nearly anyone can make it on the platform regardless of what your talent or niche is. It’s one of the few platforms where people can share that unique talent to the world and build a following that can reach in the millions. For Roce Ordoñez, she did just that with her inherent acting skills and penchant for telling short yet satisfying stories. She uses those talents to bring her often viral skit videos to life. Even though its just herself in the videos that she films in her room, her talent to entertain has garnered her over 8.4 million followers and more than 324 million likes.

She’s one of TikTok Philippines’ brightest new stars and there’s a very good reason why she took home Rising Creator of the Year at the 2022 TikTok Awards PH. Watching any of her videos, which can sometimes surprise 10 million views, you can understand why she has become so popular. She takes on a variety of characters in her rolodex of cute, heartbreaking, and kilig-inducing stories. Here are some of Roce’s best videos that will be taking you on a wild narrative ride.



scenario: ben’s wife, pyel, went home early

♬ Enemy – from the series Arcane League of Legends – Imagine Dragons & JID & Arcane & League Of Legends

We’ll admit, Roce nearly had us there in the first half of this story. It looked like Ben and Pyel were really going to got at it. But when the plot twist hits in the middle, it made for a completely different yet natural tonal shift.



scenario: she’s tired of her boyfriend

♬ som original – speedsongswr • Amigos

She gets a 10/10 with her creativity. Using a simple skit about a girl over her man, Roce mouths Doja Cat’s Ain’t Shit and channels the energy of the track to a T.


@incorrectlyroce Reply to @anne_kim_x scenario: it’s her time to shine (dc: @benibol ♬ Toxic x Pony – ALTÉGO

In case you didn’t know, Roce doesn’t just do acting skits. She also has tried her hand in doing viral dance challenges and often slays them. One of her best was this gender swapped version of that viral Toxic x Pony remix. It was the girl’s turn to shine and seduce her man with her moves. Let’s just say it wasn’t only the guy Roce managed to impress.


@incorrectlyroce #pov you’re in a band rehearsals with twins who both got a crush on you #fyp ♬ original sound – Emma ♡

A highlight of Roce’s band series on TikTok, this skit sees a band practicing during rehearsals as the lead singer finds herself in a love triangle between two of her members. Bonus points for the use of Paramore’s Still Into You that fits the skit thematically. And despite the awkward tension, their performance turned out great in the end.


@incorrectlyroce #pov ♬ original sound – rocelyn wasak pozo – Roce Ordoñez

There’s no denying that COVID-19 took a lot away from many people, especially for those who had loved ones test positive for the disease. In this skit, Roce shows the pain that it brings with a story that shows a relationship between twin brothers before one tests positive to Covid. It’s definitely one of her more emotional videos, but a poignant one at that.


@incorrectlyroce #pov ♬ original sound – dubu⁹ – cher

Elanor is a young woman who decides to shoot her shot at a gentleman named Rusty at a bar. It turns out that Rusty is the CEO of the company Elanor applied to be a secretary in. The charm offensive did work though this video laid the start for what would be the sweet Rusty & Elanor series. Somebody called Wattpad and turn this into a series now.



scenario: jaela and craig’s take on nayeon’s pop


There’s just something so wholesome about a couple who do TikTok dance challenges together. Jaela and Craig try their hand at Nayeon’s POP dance challenge and while Jaela does it fine, Craig might need some help. But like the supportive jowa that he is, we love how concentrated Craig was. And don’t forget to catch the prequel on how Jaela convinced Craig to dance with her.



scenario: nina & kio’s courting stage (last part)

♬ original sound – Roce Ordoñez

You know what, there’s nothing wrong for stories to follow narrative tropes if its done well. And as seen in this video, it is. Roce’s Nina and Kio series follows the titular seatmates in college before they eventually become lovers in the end. It’s like those not-so-guilty guilty pleasure rom-coms we watch for the feels.



scenario: keanu and his girlfriend, rosh

♬ original sound – Roce Ordoñez

Grad the tissues because this one’s a doozy. What starts out as a typical LQ between couple Keanu and Rosh turns emotional when it’s revealed that Rosh is actually dead. It turns out that the day was her death anniversary and Keanu was talking to the ghost/apparition of his deceased partner because he still has that connection with her. Now who’s cutting onions?



scenario: carmina showed her make-up skills to her best friend, lauren

♬ original sound – Roce Ordoñez

At first, it seems as if Lauren was going to be a bad friend when she criticized Carmina for her make-up skills. But Lauren’s inner green flag jumped out of her as she defended Carmina from a bully. Lauren then told her that should we help her with her make-up. We love a supportive bestie.



situation: unexpected conversation between the visitor and janina

♬ original sound – Roce Ordoñez

This one goes out to all the red flags out there. Zen and Rafaela enter into an argument when Rafaela catches Zen kissing another girls. He though, doesn’t see it as a big deal and tells her that she’s overreacting. As revenge, Rafaela does the same thing and Zen sees it. His double standards then show as he says that she’s malandi even though he saw nothing wrong with what he did. Following that, Rafaela decides to break up with him, as she should.



situation: unexpected conversation between the visitor and janina

♬ original sound – Roce Ordoñez

This skit revolves around someone trying to give Zij a special item. Janina, who claims to be Zij’s girlfriend, tells her to rudely give it to her instead. It turns out though that the person is actually Zij’s sister and she was going to give him the car keys. To make matters worse, Janina was actually lying and Zij was single. Lesson learned, don’t automatically judge and assume the worst in people because you may end up looking stupid in the end.



scenario: aileen finally met devin’s mother, deli

♬ original sound – Roce Ordoñez

Roce brings to life the all-too relatable feeling of meeting a parent of your partner that doesn’t like you. But while the mom’s snide comments to Aileen are already bad, it gets even worse when Delvin’s ex is brought up. Not only did Delvin not defend her girl, but he also blamed her for why his mom acted like that. It’s a good thing then Aileen decided to leave. You deserve better girl.



scenario: natty and her extra moments

♬ Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) – Mint Condition

Have you ever had that moment when you and your best friend share the same crush? It can get awkward. And it looked like things might get heated when not only did Natty learn that her friend Jerin has the same crush as her, but they’re also dating. It turns out though that she’s actually cool with it as any understanding and supportive friend should be. And besides, Natty does have ten other crushes she can go after.

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