SnoRene Takes Center Stage In Darren Espanto's 'Iyo' MV

Glimpse SnoRene From A Different Timeline In Darren Espanto’s ‘Iyo’ MV

And the SnoRene fans cheered.

Maris Racal and Anthony Jennings star in Darren Espanto’s new music video for ‘Iyo,’ and it’s giving us all the SnoRene endgame feels.

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Can’t Buy Me Love (2023-present) cast members Darren Espanto (Stephen Tanhueco), Maris Racal (Irene Tiu), and Anthony Jennings (Snoop Alfonso Manansala) came together for a beautiful and romantic musical slay in Darren’s music video for his single Iyo just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Iyo is part of the Can’t Buy Me Love series soundtrack, and Darren as Stephen performed the Chinese version of the single on the show. On February 14th, the singer-songwriter dropped a music video for the single starring a breakout couple from the series—Maris and Anthony. Maris and Anthony as Snoop and Irene together make up the ship “SnoRene.” They’ve gained plenty of attention and praise for their hilarious dynamic, chemistry, and their storyline development.

While their characters and their relationship in the music video totally deviate from what we know SnoRene to be, people can’t help but describe the Iyo music video as an alternate timeline or dimension (or even the future) SnoRene. Maris even captions her Instagram post about the MV with “snoop and irene in another dimension.” It’s a heartwarming reprieve from the constant push-and-pull between the two on show, and it totally gives us hope for the future of SnoRene and the future of this onscreen pairing.


The usual Snoop and Irene dynamic is chock-full of humor, banter, and clashing upbringings and personalities. They’re not even a couple in Can’t Buy Me Love (yet…?), but Maris’ and Anthony’s chemistry is undeniable. From always getting into unfortunate situations together to sharing a drunken night together (where nothing happened…?), the couple’s journey together throughout the show has been a highlight for audiences watching. They play off each other really well, throwing lines like it’s nobody’s business, and develops a charming relationship that’s difficult to look away from. They even shared a rare sweet moment in a recent episode together!

After they tried to figure out what happened during their night together, desperate since Irene might just be pregnant, they managed to lower their guards and got to talking. Irene admitted that she would have a difficult time taking care of a child. Snoop assured her that if she really was pregnant, he’d take responsibility. Irene brushed off the moment, but it was sweet nonetheless.

The Iyo music video turns the two actors on their head, giving them a whole different look and direction. But Maris and Anthony drew from their much-talked-about chemistry and gave everyone a light, warm, and beautiful Valentine’s treat.


maris and anthony snoop and irene snorene iyo music video darren espanto can't buy me love

Sun-drenched and romantic, the music video showed the two dancing on a hill, sharing romantic moments together that make us feel like we’re intruding. It was lighthearted in a different way than some of SnoRene’s banter—they were happy and carefree and clearly unafraid to love. It was reminiscent of wedding edit videos, where a couple’s journey is chronicled in an emotional compilation of their sweetest moments together. And they do “get married” at the end of the MV.

maris and anthony snoop and irene snorene iyo music video darren espanto can't buy me love

Soundtracked by Darren’s emotional, powerful voice singing lines like “Kahit na ano pang daanang bagyo / Pangako ko’y ‘di ka iiwan, ‘di lalayo,” seeing the characters of Maris and Anthony smiling at each other and generally having a great time is a real treat to SnoRene fans—and fans of romance in general. It was just so sweet. While their usual dynamic on the show is thoroughly enjoyable, portraying them in such a different light is fantasy wish-fulfillment any shipper would be overjoyed to have. And the two prove once again that they can handle more than just the characters of Snoop and Irene, leading us to once again ask the question—Maris and Anthony rom-com when?

maris and anthony snoop and irene snorene iyo music video darren espanto can't buy me love

Screenshots from Iyo music video.

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