Big Bold Brave Awards 2024: Favorite Ship

Vote for your pick/s.


  1. Unlimited voting is allowed.
  2. To vote again, just refresh the page after submitting your vote.
  3. Voting lasts until February 28, 11:59 PM, Philippine Time.
  4. Only one winner will be named per category.
  5. Official voting will ONLY be conducted via the NYLON Manila website polls.
  6. Vote buying, cheating, and any other methods used to gain an unfair advantage is strictly not allowed.
  7. The NYLON Manila team will have an auditor review all votes and take action on any anomalous votes (ie: spam, bots, etc).
  8. NYLON Manila will tabulate the votes once the voting period ends. The nominee with the most votes will be declared the winner in their respective category.

UPDATE: Voting is now officially over. Stay tuned in the coming months as we reveal the official winner.