SEVENTEEN’s BSS Is Enjoying Every Second Of Their Comeback

4th gen leaders.

Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi let us in on what it’s like to be back as a trio and finding fun in the things they do.

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With the way SEVENTEEN figuratively snatched our wigs in 2022 with their numerous comebacks and world tour, you would think that the 13-member boy group earned themselves a much-needed rest in 2023. But that wasn’t the only thing on the agenda for the group, or at least for Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi. While the world was treated to numerous group comebacks in the past year, CARATs were long due a comeback from BSS, the group’s sub-unit whose name is the acronym for BooSeokSoon, each of the three letters taken from the Korean name of the members.

It was in 2018 that fans were first introduced to this trio with the release of their digital single, Just do it. There was no album, physical release, or even official music video. But the potential for BSS was there, and it took five years for fans to see that again with the sub-unit’s long-awaited comeback in early February. And this time, they’ve come prepared with a three-track album, a music video for the comeback single, and a whole lot of other goodies for CARATs. Just like the album’s name, the comeback of BSS is giving second wind energy to face a world that tries to run people down.


It doesn’t take long to realize what concept BSS is going for with their comeback. Sports, activities, adrenaline, and excitement were all on the mood board at PLEDIS. In SECOND WIND, BSS transforms themselves into the listeners’ running crew. Like that supportive coach, the trio runs alongside them and acts as a boost of energy and persistence needed to achieve their respective goals. They aim to be that shot of serotonin. 

Seventeen BSS

“Since our goal for this album was very clear, the theme of ‘a race’ and ‘running tracks’ just felt right,” shares Hoshi in an interview with NYLON Manila. The album’s tracklist is designed to resemble a workout playlist, with each of the three tracks corresponding to different times of the day. First, there’s the lead single Fighting featuring rising rapper and everyone’s favorite drinking host, Lee Young Ji. The song opens the EP as the perfect background music to kick-start the day. Up next is the pop R&B track LUNCH, which helps fight off post-lunch drowsiness. Siesta who? We don’t know her.

Finally, SECOND WIND closes with 7 PM (featuring Peder Elias). As the last song, the mid-tempo track sets the mood for a laid-back evening, bringing the listeners full circle and preparing them for another day. “We want to provide the energy and support needed for everyone running their races, and also deliver the message that we’ll always be running by their side in the race,” explains Hoshi.


Given how it’s been five years since we got a BSS release, it would be understandable if the trio had any trepidation about the comeback. But to hear them talk about it, any concern was thrown out the window because of how much fun they’re having. “Being back together as a trio, it’s a lot of fun that we’re able to explore roles different from the ones we usually play when we’re SEVENTEEN, the full group,” says DK.

For the celebrated vocalist in particular, he loves how he’s the leader of BSS, a change from his usual role in the main group. “I’m the ‘highly-esteemed leader’ for BSS! The rest of our SEVENTEEN members play a different role as well, we have to respect them as our seniors. These changes in our dynamic are fun for us, and I hope it’s also the case for our CARATs.”

Fun is probably an apt word that can be used to describe this comeback, or success. Ever since the album’s release on February 6, the sub-unit has been seeing killer chart performance, such as the lead single debuting at No.1 on Billboard Japan Hot 100. In their native South Korea, BSS has bagged numerous music show wins to the point where they celebrated their achievement with a fun video.

And the best part is that they get to enjoy this all with their famous friends in K-pop. From Hoshi appearing on Suga’s Suchwita show to pulling as many 3rd and 4th gen idols as they can to do the Fighting dance challenge on TikTok, BSS has been doing it all. The trio even got the K-pop idols at the 12th Circle Charts Music Awards to sing and dance to Just do it. It’s a moment they are appreciative of.

“So many of our friends and artists helped us along the way, including the two amazing artists featured in the album, Young Ji and Peder, as well as our SEVENTEEN members, and many artists who took part in the Fighting challenge. We can’t thank them enough. I think that everyone who got involved shared a single goal in doing so—we want to spread a sense of positivity as much as we can through music,” expresses a grateful DK. Echoing these sentiments, Hoshi adds, “We released this piece of music to be a source of energy, but I feel like we ended up with a greater amount of energy than what we started with, thanks to all our friends and fellow artists.” 


With all the energy BSS has been giving as of late, you would be forgiven if you forgot that SEVENTEEN just came off the globe-trotting tour that took them to numerous countries with three stops alone in the Philippines. But while Seungkwan recognizes the grind, that’s beside the point. “Physically speaking, it’s hard to say tours aren’t exhausting, but there is a lot more we take away from our shows, from the CARATs who come to see us perform.”  

Seventeen BSS

With how Seungkwan sees it, this BSS comeback is their 2023 recharge and their gift to CARATs for their undying support. “Hearing and seeing our fans CARATs is what helps us reach our second wind. Our comeback as BSS is one of the ways we are trying to give back everything our fans have given us during the tour.”

Seventeen BSS

If there’s anything to take away from BSS’s first comeback and the SECOND WIND era, it’s the power of having fun. When Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi came together in 2018 for this sub-unit, it was a bit of a silly thing in itself. But here they are, currently making history as one of the most successful sub-units in years. “Compared to five years ago when we first came together as BSS, I think that the other two members and myself have gotten better at having fun during our performances,” is what Seungkwan had to say regarding his takeaway from the project. The trio never took themselves too seriously and brought the euphoric freedom of just letting loose—and we’re all the better for it.

All photos are courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment.

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