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SB19 Makes History As They Beat BTS To Get Their First Number One On A Billboard Chart

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Back in 2014, long before the idea of SB19 ever came to be, Josh and Stell used to be part of a group called Se-Eon. At the time, they were chosen to represent the country in South Korea for a competition. And it was during this competition that they met BTS, who were then an up-and-coming group. Seven years later, both SB19 and BTS have broken records and topped charts. And who would have guessed that SB19 would also dethrone BTS on a Billboard chart to make a truly remarkable feat.


For the week ending December 11, Billboard updated their Hot Trending Songs Chart and revealed that Bazinga ranked as the top song of the week. If you don’t know, the Hot Trending Songs Chart is Billboard’s newest chart that tracks which songs are being talked about the most on Twitter in real-time. Ever since its inception a little over two months ago, BTS has ruled the roost with Permission To Dance topping the chart on the first week and Butter staying at number one for the next five weeks.

But SB19 did the near-impossible when Bazinga jumped from 8 to 1 on the most recent update. There were over 1.5 million mentions in the tracking week, a 67% increase from the previous week. Other notable entries on the chart include Stary Kids’ Christmas EveL and Winter Falls landing at the 4th and 10th spot respectively and KAI’s Peaches at number eight.


To understand how important this achievement is, not only is SB19 the first act to replace BTS on the chart, but they are the first Filipino act in history to top the chart. More importantly, this marks the first time ever that SB19 has topped a Billboard chart, according to Billboard. And to top it all off, it was recently revealed that MAPA was the fifth most searched song on Google this year.

While the group no doubt must be joyous for the occasion, a lot of praise should also go to their fans, A’TIN. They worked tirelessly every day to make sure that Bazinga did as well as it could on the chart. Going up against the mammoth that is the BTS ARMY is not easy, but A’TIN did it. This milestone is a true reflection of just how big SB19 has grown over the years, and no doubt they will continue to grow over time. Hopefully, in the future, SB19 could top other charts as well like the Hot 100 or Billboard 200.

If you’re in the mood to celebrate this success, then SB19 is dropping a new song on December 10, No Stopping You. It will serve as the official theme song for Love At First Stream. Pre-orders for the Pagsibol photobook are open as well in case you want to cop one. And if you want to go the extra mile, their 3rd-anniversary concert, Our Zone, is set to be screened at the Gateway Cineplex on December 18 and 19. Catch that if you want the true cinematic experience.

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