These SB19 Collabs From 2023 Made The Year So Much Better

Maximizing their joint slay.

Why slay alone when SB19 can slay with their fellow artists?

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It’s been a wild year for SB19 this 2023. Aside from the usual stadium shows and chart-topping hits, the group made a big career move with the formation of 1Z Entertainment (and the ensuing fallout). But even those initial uncertainties weren’t enough to stop the group from doing what they do best. And this year, they did so while being joined by local and international artists. Scroll down for some of the SB19 collabs from 2023 that we will be remembering long after the year is over.  


In a P-pop x K-pop moment, SB19 and Sandara Park decided to break the internet by teaming up for a track for Acer that brought out our inner wanderlust. While it was a promotional single, they still gave it their all. And yes, they also did the GENTO dance challenge together. 


SB19 and Sarah G in one track? You can thank Acer for that when they brought these two pop titans together for an epic collab that has us feeling like we’re ready to take on any challenge life throws at us. 


@hori7onofficial HORI7ON x SB19 Finally meet‼️❤️‍🔥🤩 #HORI7ON #호라이즌 #KYLER #카일러 #WINSTON #윈스턴 #SIX7EEN #SB19 #SB19_PABLO #SB19_JUSTIN ♬ SIX7EEN – HORI7ON(호라이즌)

While some would rather start fan wars and bring down other artists to bring their faves up, the artists themselves are cool with each other. Case in point, SB19’s Pablo and Justin with HORI7ON’s Kyler and Winston as they dance to the group’s single SIX7EEN. This is the first time they’ve met, and we hope it won’t be the last. 


SB19 performing at Asia Artist Awards 2023 was already a treat. But the announcement that they would be joined by &TEAM for a special collab stage brought the excitement through the roof. The two groups did not disappoint with how they danced to GENTO as they delivered the fire and badass energy. In a show that had its strong Pinoy moments, this was undoubtedly a highlight from AAA 2023. 


Did we expect a remix of JVKE’s golden hour with SB19? No. But are we happy it’s real? Absolutely! SB19 was a great addition to the stunning track as they made it local with their Tagalog verses but also kept up with JVKE in the breathtaking chorus. It really is a golden hour. The fact that they got to perform the track together in person in Boston made it even better. 


@officialsb19 GENTO by SB19TEEZ! A'TINY, ano kaya mo? ⚠️🔥 #SB19 #PAGTATAG #SB19GENTO #GENTO #ATEEZ #SAN #산 #MINGI #민기 ♬ GENTO – SB19

It wasn’t just SB19 who had a world tour this year, so too did their comeback single GENTO, which became a breakout viral hit that even got approval for submission to the GRAMMYs. Dozens of stars, both local and international, did the dance challenge, but our favorite was when Stell, Justin, and Pablo did it with ATEEZ’s San and Mingi when the K-pop group was in Manila last September for their concert. Many probably remember where they were when San dropped his cover of the dance, so seeing the two groups together lowkey changed lives. At this point, the only thing catchier than the dance is the budots remix of the song. 


This collaboration was literally years in the making. After reacting to Stell’s cover of Here’s Your Perfect in 2021, Jamie Miller has been manifesting to the world that he wanted to work with the P-pop artist. That moment finally came during The Voice Generations when the two performed the track on the show. And yes, the wait was worth it. 

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