SB19 Captivates In Their ‘I Want You’ Music Video

Just breathtaking.

SB19 serves a sensual, soulful, and sensorial experience for their latest R&B anthem, ‘I Want You.’

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Currently basking in the glory of their PAGTATAG! era, the P-pop kings are once again poised to dominate 2023 with their newly-released bangers and their upcoming second world tour. GENTO, the first single from SB19’s latest EP, has already made a significant impact and continues to captivate listeners with its irresistible appeal.

With the release of the full six-track slate of PAGTATAG!, the immense talent and creativity of Pablo, Stell, Ken, Justin, and Josh take center stage. This is especially evident in their latest music video for the soulful single I Want You, where SB19 delivers a mesmerizing visual and aural experience.


Written by August Rigo (the same Filipino producer behind ON and Black Swan) and SB19’s leader and main rapper Pablo, I Want You differs from the energetic and explosive energy of GENTO and instead takes on the R&B route that is at once slow, sensual, and soulful. Released under SB19’s own management company, 1Z Entertainment, this is a unique offering from the boys who will wrap you in some passionate emotions and leave you burning with desire.

I wanna fall on my knees beg for your body on me / ‘Cause I want you / You know how I like it / Girl, I want you.” Every word and verse in I Want You is layered with a romantic intensity that will definitely put you in the mood for love. The sentimentality might remind you of SB19’s debut ballad Tilaluha or even Love Goes from their debut album, Get In The Zone, but I Want You’s sound and melody are refreshingly new from the P-pop group.

And we all know that when SB19 releases a song, its music video always does not disappoint. This is the case for I Want You, where the visuals  abound with sensorial images that match the thematic sensuality of the song. Directed by Jed Regala, the I Want You music video’s artistry hits right in the feels, from the underwater shots to the seductive stills that capture the boys in an alluring and pensive mood.


Similar to the song’s message, A’TIN also couldn’t help but get addicted to the I Want You  M/V, gushing over the visual feast online. One fan describes it as “poetically beautiful.” Another stan exclaims, “This is not just a music video. This is art!” Others have expressed their admiration for their mains, from Justin’s tantalizing shots to Josh’s magnetic stare

Another thing fans couldn’t stop talking about is the I Want You choreo, which was first performed in the PAGTATAG! media launch and was also performed by SB19 live for the first time on the ASAP Natin ‘To! Stage last weekend. Sexy and incredibly groovy, the choreo had the fans on a chokehold online, swooning hard over SB19’s sensual yet sleek moves. 

Ever since its release on June 9, the I Want You music video has been watched almost a million times (as of writing) and has been on the top spot on Youtube’s trending music topic for days now. The track has also been performing well in the music charts alongside the PAGTATAG! EP taking the sixth spot on iTunes’ Worldwide Album chart. The kings of P-pop are definitely back!

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