Kabataang Pinoy BINI x SB19

SB19 And BINI Rock Out Together With A P-pop Take On Kabataang Pinoy

A historic collab for a legendary song.

SB19 and BINI’s version of Kabataang Pinoy features a modern sound but still retains its timeless theme of the power of the Filipino youth.

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As mundane as it may seem to some, a TV show theme song can turn any show from an okay one, to a memorable one. If you grew up watching Disney Channel shows like Hannah Montana or Wizards Of Waverly Place, you know what we’re talking about. Once you hear those opening notes of a good theme song, it gets you primed and excited for what is to come. It all makes for a worthwhile experience.

A TV show theme song that was, is, and will remain to be a iconic is Kabataang Pinoy for Pinoy Big Brother Teens Edition. Released in 2006 and performed by Itchyworms, the song has remained synonymous with the youth edition of the long running reality show and even the whole show itself. Now, P-pop mega groups SB19 and BINI have come together for a historic collaboration as they give their spin on the iconic theme song.


Initially teased over the past week, the collaboration between SB19 and BINI was made official when Star Music confirmed that the two P-pop groups were coming together for a new version of this song. Released on March 18, the track is simply called Kabataang Pinoy as the two groups worked with Jonathan Manalo and Jazz Nicolas for the new rendition. And with this coming together, it breaks ground in a couple of ways. First, it’s the first time SB19 and BINI have worked together on a project. As the biggest boy band in the country and one of the top girl groups right now, the idea of SB19 and BINI working together only seemed like a hopeful dream for A’TIN and BLOOMS. But as they say, never say never. This is arguably one of the biggest team ups modern P-pop has seen yet.


Second, Kabataang Pinoy has remained a staple of PBB for the longest time, much like Pinoy Ako has. Even if you haven’t seen an episode of the show, you at least must have heard of the song. Kabataang Pinoy has officially soundtracked every teen edition of the series since its inception for over 15 years. Not only does the pop-rock anthem sound good, but its message is still resonant no matter what generation listens to the song.

The timeless track highlights and promotes what the Filipino youth have to offer in this world, both through their actions and their voice. Every Teen Edition spotlights a new batch of adolescents as strong, independent, and dynamic young people that can face challenges despite their young age. While some may look down on the youth as being incapable of doing anything serious, the song fights against that stereotype with a message that the Filipino youth can face the real world.

In November 2021, Jonathan Manalo teamed up with OPM band Nameless Kids for a new version of the track. Their version still retains the song’s message and pop-rock sound, but it also features a more pronounced drum, bass and slight synth to the music. Their take on the song wasn’t used for the show, however.


That brings us to March 2022, where SB19 and BINI are the latest artists to sing Kabataang Pinoy, just in time for the new edition of PBB Teens currently airing. Unlike the past two versions, their 3.0 version features a more pop sound and production. But it’s not an overtly saccharine track as it is meant to be jammed to. It still retains part of the original’s pop rock progression including the sing along final chorus, but updated with a more modern sound. While SB19 and BINI’s take on the iconic song may not be a full 180, it still suits them and that’s for the better. The message of the track still shines.

And they delivered in terms of the vocals as their voices on the track sound so good. Their individual voices as well as their harmonies blend greatly in the track as the two groups come together for an empowering anthem about the Filipino youth. They ate that up as the song as an excellent showcase for how SB19 and BINI can sound well together. This collaboration is a definition of what P-pop is. Given how P-pop is slowly but surely rising its way up the Filipino consciousness, especially among the Filipino youth, it felt right to have these two groups come together for this song. It’s a song for the new generation, one with a message that will remain relevant to the young (and not so young).

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