5 Sassa Gurl Outfits That Earn Her The Title Of Best Dressed Anywhere, Anytime

Queen of references.

Creator and fashion icon Sassa Gurl makes waves not just because her outfits are epic, but because they’re clever cultural references that are uniquely Pinoy.

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We’ve said it before, but some of the most iconic and impactful costumes are those that are referential and clever. Whether you’re attending a Halloween party or just a simple themed event, an outfit that toes the line between visually impactful and conversation-starter is the best course of action. Go big or go home.

Sassa Gurl is the perfect embodiment of this idea. The comedian, content creator, and vlogger has grown to become not just a pop culture icon, but also a fashionista in her own right. From her live seller outfit to her most recent Ara Mina-esque Filipiniana, Sassa Gurl and her stylists, particularly Ian Rey of Gee Jocson Styling Studio, always serve up genius looks that end up being the talk of the town. Check some of them out below.


sassa gurl costumes outfits

As the Drag Runner on drag reality show Drag Den, Sassa Gurl has been showing up and showing out in some epic looks on the show. This calendar girl (literally) look by Jourd4n Cordero, an ode to the classic calendars hanging in Filipino houses, is not just trendy and futuristic, it’s also a look we’d wear on the daily.


sassa gurl costumes outfits live seller

Simple, but effective—especially for the chronically online. For the 2022 Sparkle Halloween Ball, Sassa Gurl channeled her inner livestream seller, and even won the TikTok Crowd Favorite Award that night.


sassa gurl costumes outfits

Another iconic Drag Den ‘fit, this parlorista outfit designed by Jourd4n Cordero featured a pair of giant scissors across a silver bodice and a skirt of haircut inspo posters, like those that would be plastered on the outside of a barbershop or salon. Totally a cut above the rest.


sassa gurl costumes outfits ara mina ara mima

Ara Mina who? Sassa Gurl donned a crisp white Filipiniana with a modern, daring twist at the finale of Drag Den Season 2. The Prisco Doculan number had more than just a low back—it went down her butt. Only the real ones know how iconic the red, revealing, low-back Ara Mina dress this was referencing is. The dress was also a statement in more ways than one. Worn on Women’s Month, Sassa Gurl described it as an outfit that sought to express the idea that clothing is not what defines a woman, and that women are capable of making their own choices about their bodies.


Condolences to everyone else, because Sassa Gurl brought the house down with this outfit at Sparkle Spell 2023. The content creator wore a huge wreath of flowers and a bow to emulate a funeral flower standee at the Halloween event, an ensemble designed by Fernando Garcia of East of Eden. On the ribbons were the words “Condolences” and “From: Congressman.” Slightly macabre, but as usual, nothing less than a stroke of genius.

Images from @itssassagurl on Instagram.

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