The Round-Up: The Best New Bangers Of The Week

Thanks Coachella for the new music.

BGYO is having the best time while Angela Ken reminisces on her high school days in this round-up of the best bangers of the week.

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Another week has passed which means another week of music industry moves. Among the newsmakers that happened in the past week, Kendrick Lamar announced that he was dropping his new album this year. Speaking of new album, SEVENTEEN announced that their latest, Face The Sun, will drop in late May. It was also revealed that K-pop girl group aespa are set to perform at Coachella during week two. In the concert scene, SB19 and Calista are both set to have concerts soon. For SB19, it will be on April 23 while Calista’s is on April 26. Finally, BINI announced that the name of their anticipated summer single, Pit-A-Pat, and it’s giving us major Da Coconut Nut vibes.

And let’s not forget all the new music that came our way this week. Here is just a sampling of some of the best new bangers that you should be aware of that may be destined for your playlist.


Following the global smash that was STAY, The Kid LAROI is back with new music with the release of his new song Thousand Miles. Heartbreak and love take center stage in his new track as the artists laments how he’s bad at love and relationships who enters usually ends on a sour note. Sad boi hours indeed.


He’s Into Her, the song, was a solid serve from BGYO. So, when it was announced that the group were coming back to sing the theme song for the second season of the show, we were curious to see how they would do. Luckily, they did not disappoint with Best Time, an upbeat pop song about young love and living your best life. We’re having the best time listening to the song and even happier that season two of He’s Into Her is finally here.


Among all the performances that went down during Coachella week one, 88rising arguably had one of the best. Their super talent showcase was everything we wanted and then some from history making sets to surprise reunions that shook the internet. But among it all, several 88rising artists performed new music the label was kind enough to compile them in an EP for us to enjoy. The three new bangers include Best Lover by BIBI, froyo by BIBI, Rich Brian, and Warren Hue, and T by Hikaru Utada and Warren Hue.


Shanti Dope is out with another new banger with the drop of Maya. The hard-hitting and confidence boosting anthem will get you pumped for the day and feel like you can take on any challenge life throws at you.


Now this is a collab we can get behind. Alt queens PinkPanthress and WILLOW team up for the first time for a new banger called Where you are. It features PinkPanthress’ unique pop sound mixed in with WILLOW’s strong voice. Despite the contrast with how they both sound, both women kill it and it works surprisingly well together.


Nostalgia is the central theme of Angela Ken’s latest release, Dagdag Na Alaala. In the track, she takes listeners back to your high school days and teenage friendships. It serves an ode to Angela’s memories in high school and the special bond she’s built with her friends from that time of her life and reminisce on just how special high school friendships can be.


Recently, BamBam made history as the first Asian artist to perform during an NBA halftime show. And his history-making streak continues with the release of the track Wheels Up. Release in partnership with the Golden State Warrios, Wheels Up features a hip-hop sound and stadium-sized energy as BamBam raps and sings about taking on life’s challenges with confidence. It’s the kind of track you want to listen to if you want to feel invincible.  


There so many people in this world that it sometimes amazes us that people can find that special someone to spend the rest of their lives with. This is what TJ Monterde’s new song, Walong Bilyon, is all about. Taking reference from how there are almost eight billion people in the world, the love song finding and appreciating that special someone. And it’s all told through TJ’s immaculate voice.


During Coachella week one, quite a few musicians performed new songs for the first time, and that included Megan Thee Stallion when she performed a song called Plan B during her headline set. Well, she graciously dropped the official version of the track for us to stream in full. The song sees Megan go hard on an ex that isn’t doing it for her anymore. Plan B reminisces of 90s rap especially during the reign of Lil Kim. If anything, the song shows that Megan still has it in the bag and is one of the best female MCs in the game right now.  


If you’re on the lookout for some hugot songs this summer, we suggest you check out jikamarie’s new track aking buwan. The stone cold banger was written by jikamarie along with her fans on a livestream and reminds of the love songs from decades past in the best way possible. Prepare to be moved and swayed in this dreamy love song.


Rod Deniel puts a twist on the classic kundiman in his new song Kundiman. The swaying five-minute track sees the musician court a girl he likes but it looks like she doesn’t reciprocate those same feelings. To mend that, Rob decides to sing her a kundiman to convince her to like him. If someone like Rod Deniel sang to us like this, we may just change our minds.

3:33 – LESHA

Earlier this year, Lesha debuted a new look with her blonde locks. And now, she has a new record label as the newest artists under CARELESS. To celebrate, she dropped a new song called 3:33 that’s primed to let your inner bad b*tch out. If this track is any indication, Lesha’s in good hands.


While actors going into music can be a bit cringey, Krystal Brimner is actually a pro in the music scene. She played the titular role in the musical Annie and used to be in a girl group called A.S.K. with AC Bonifacio and Sheena Belarmino. And recently, she made her music debut with the release of her track, Let Me Be Me. The groovy pop-dance song is meant to represent Gen Z’s youthfulness, eagerness, independence, and courage to experience life at its fullest and learn from their own mistakes.


If ratio could be turned into an emoji, it would probably be the fire emoji because of how hard it goes. Rapping over a simple beat, Dotty and Zae absolutely demolish their verses with icy bars that narrate their life stories.  


There’s nothing like listening to a wholesome love song that makes you feel good inside. Take for example Paolo Sandejas’ new track HIDE & SEEK. In the song, the singer-songwriter shares his relief of finding that special someone after a long search and all the emotions associated with it.

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