Ranz Kyle’s Fitness Journey Will Inspire You To Get Started On Yours

No pain, no gain.

A fitspiration for all, Ranz Kyle wants you to to keep focused on your fitness goals.

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Everybody knows that in the world of content creation, Ranz Kyle is among those who consistently dominate, especially on YouTube, where he and his sister Niana Guerrero are some of the prime Filipino vloggers. From car jams and dance challenges to pranks and Halloween parties, Ranz Kyle has not failed to offer us genuinely fun and enjoyable vlogs that always make us smile. Whether it be solo adventures or with his equally charming family, the vlogger-superstar’s appeal truly has never wavered.

However, unbeknownst to many, while he has been treating us every week to his travels, mukbangs, and probably any life moments that have easily made him our online barkada, Ranz Kyle has kept one thing hidden for a long time: his fitness journey. Finally, in his February 9 vlog, the decorated influencer reveals his struggles and progress in his mission to achieve his ideal physique and the bumpy road to it. 

As for anyone, staying fit is no easy feat and Ranz has had a fair share of tough moments along the way, but it has not stopped him from staying focused on his goal. As the old adage goes: no pain, no gain. And if you are also trying to kick off that fitness routine that you’ve been delaying for the longest time (like this writer), then below are some tips from Ranz Kyle himself on how to get your fitness journey started and power through it.


Ranz Kyle fitness tips

For years, Ranz Kyle shares that he’s been ignoring having a strict fitness routine and has been eating what he wants and just goes to the gym when he feels like it. Without a fixed diet or workout schedule, Ranz relies on dancing as his primary exercise. In short, Ranz has been inconsistent in the past about fitness right until he starts to see its effects on his body. That’s when the realization kicks in.

This then leads Ranz to finally take on the challenge of bearing a much disciplined attitude in keeping himself healthy and staying fit. The lesson is to condition yourself early on in the process that while it would not be easy, a serious and focused disposition regarding fitness is a first vital step to really start pursuing your fitness goals, just like Ranz.


Ranz Kyle fitness tips

In order to stay active and consistent in your fitness journey, you need to set concrete and realistic goals to stick to. For Ranz, he has set a peg physique or “dream body” as inspired by his fitness idols and knows that improving his chest is his priority. With specific goals in mind, Ranz is able to follow a demanding diet and heavy fitness regimen regularly.


Ranz Kyle fitness tips

Just like most of us, Ranz Kyle is also the type of person who gets lazy easily. Even his fitness trainer J.E. Sta. Cruz attests to how stubborn and hardheaded Ranz is when it comes to working out. A good thing that coach J.E. is always by his side to encourage him when he feels like giving up. Ranz knows that it’s especially hard to go on in his fitness journey alone. This is why it is a good thing that he’s surrounded by his family, friends, and his ever-patient fitness coach to cheer him on and push him always. 


Ranz Kyle fitness tips

It goes without saying that you should consult a professional first to know the best fitness program for you. Ranz’s workout routine starts with cardio and then he moves on to his favorite parts that include chest, shoulders, and back drills. He also follows a strict high-protein, low-carb, and some fat diet fixed by coach J.E. to really get that desired result effectively.

Ranz sticks to this fitness plan so seriously he even contacts coach J.E. when he’s eating in a restaurant and have him pick the right food for him. As per Ranz’s advice, diet and workout should go hand in hand. Something to think about when you finally start that fitness goal on your resolutions list.


Ranz Kyle fitness tips

The most difficult thing about fitness goals is keeping motivated and consistent. And what has helped Ranz Kyle—that may also help you—to have a stable routine is to always remind himself about the reason why he started and push himself to “make it happen.” It has been quite a journey for Ranz who only began getting into a hardcore fitness program last year.

If you’re like him who finds yourself skipping in and out of your workout goals, Ranz says to just never stop, to continue lifting those weights, and keep your eyes on the prize. “You might not be there yet,” says Ranz, “but you’re closer [to your goal] than you were yesterday.”

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