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Ranz Kyle Said Travel Goals In His Latest Adventure Vlog

You gotta take some notes for your next adventure with your barkada.

Online superstar Ranz Kyle takes us on a globetrotting adventure that will make us plan our next trip ASAP.

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If there’s someone that perfectly encapsulates the Gen Z energy and vibe, one would have to be Ranz Kyle. Dancer extraordinaire, supportive brother, and a third of the Guerrero dance trio that screams talent and charisma, the twenty-five-year-old vlogger gives us satisfying and relatable content that appeals to both Filipino and international audiences. There’s no questioning Ranz’s influence. After all, he’s still the most followed Filipino YouTuber out there.

From his pranks with friends to his cheerful moments with family, Ranz overflows with charm, creativity, and a refreshing candor that will make you feel like he’s part of your barkada. For his latest offering, the online celebrity and former NYLON Manila cover star takes us on a vibrant one-month adventure that’s filled with romance, friendship, and some much-needed fun to brighten up our day. Below are some moments that will give us a strong sense of wanderlust.


Ranz Kyle and Milissa accidentally hold hands while picking up their helmets.

Ranz describes his three-country one-month escapade as something “spontaneous.” And for his first stop, he embarks on a romantic trip to Singapore with his girlfriend, Milissa. For some context, their October 27 trip happens to be the couple’s second anniversary. And as expected, it’s full of kilig and kulit moments. One of the highlights is when Ranz and Melissa somehow reenact a romantic teleserye trope as they “accidentally” hold hands while getting their helmets for the skyride. After a museum trip, a movie, and some more rides, the trip culminates on an endearing and creative note as Ranz and Milissa have a cable car dinner date and a graffiti spraying activity. #RelationshipGoals indeed!


Milissa enjoys the zipline ride with her parents.

I mean look at that view. After their anniversary date, Ranz went to Canada to spend some quality time with Milissa’s family and to celebrate her dad’s birthday. Ranz shows his charismatic side as he joins the fam in an action-packed boat trip and zipline ride while having the resplendent Niagara falls as their backdrop. And right before going back home, Ranz gave a gift to his Tito Mike.


Milissa tells Ranz, "Babe, you farted."

Yes, you read that right. Ranz has also made sure that he spends some bonding moments with Milissa’s younger brother, Miguel. And probably the best highlight of it all would be their horror house experience. In a journey filled with screams, hesitations, and a ton of laughter, what particularly stands out is when Ranz couldn’t take the horror anymore you can literally smell it. “Babe, ang bahooo!” Milissa jokingly shouts as the group finally and thankfully reaches the end of it all.


Ranz's mother and siblings welcome Stark the dog.

The couple’s final agenda in Canada is to get Milissa’s furbaby Stark and bring the cutie boy to Ranz’s home in Manila. But it’s not that simple. Ranz manages to pull a trick on his siblings and mom, initially telling them that he is not with them. This leads the family to investigate and soon Niana smells something fishy. “Ma, okay lang ‘yan. Nagvi-video si kuya eh,” Niana confidently says as Starky boy eventually comes to the living room, much to the girls and their mother’s fanfare.


Ranz's friends on a boat ride

Ranz’s travel adventure doesn’t stop there as he embarks on a last-minute trip to Thailand with his friends, including his Chicser groupmates Lance and Owy. The group’s itinerary includes a mouth-watering gastronomic adventure along Bangkok’s street food stalls, some shopping at the weekend market, and a spiritual trip at Pattaya’s temples. But what could best display Ranz’s buoyant relationship with his friends is a cute boat trip-slash-race along a Thai floating village until nighttime. You’d definitely take some notes for your next big trip with your barkada.

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