Who Is The Most Filipino-Coded Member Of ENHYPEN?

Yes, you can choose all seven if you'd like.

In an alternate timeline, we have a feeling ENHYPEN is a boy group from the Philippines.

As early as I-Land, Filipinos have shown their love for the seven members of ENHYPEN. No conversation about ENHYPEN’s fans is complete without including Filipino ENGENES, who are ride or die for their fave boys. The passion of Pinoy fans is real. And in the years since their debut in 2020, ENHYPEN has reciprocated that love, whether it be in the form of holding multiple concerts in the country, listening to OPM, or even learning a few Tagalog words like pogi.

But aside from that, there’s just something about these seven idols that have our Pinoy senses tingling. From their aura to the way they carry themselves, ENHYPEN can low-key give off poging barkada vibes you come across in BGC. NGL, ano ba talaga tayo ENHYPEN comments hit hard as sometimes, it’s like some of the members jumped out of the AUs we read on X and TikTok.

With that being said, and because it’s a question that should be asked for the culture, which member of ENHYPEN is the most Filpino-coded? Who wouldn’t surprise you if they revealed that they have Pinoy heritage? Who in the group is giving jowa vibes or barangay crush energy? Let your opinion be heard by voting in the poll below for one, or multiple members, it’s up to you. Voting ends on September 14, 9 AM.

UPDATE: The votes are in, and Heeseung has been voted as the most Pinoy-coded member of ENHYEPN. And to be honest, was there any doubt? While the members have shown Filipino tendencies in the past, Heeseung Lee has been on a whole other level. From knowing how to speak certain words and phrases in Tagalog, covering OPM songs, and more, the oldest member of ENHYPEN might just have some Pinoy heritage in him.


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