Three Reasons Why Piattos Supersized Is the Perfect Power Hour Snack


Local snack brands have come and gone, but Piattos remains a staple for snack-loving Pinoys of all ages. Are you as excited as we are for its new Supersized addition?

Looking for a snack to devour while tuning in on monster movies like Godzilla vs. Kong? Itching for a snack to nibble on while you beat your own high score? Craving for some brain food to refill your creative juices? Or maybe, you’re just a genuine lover of potato chips in general? In all of these cases, we can certainly agree that a bag of Supersized Piattos makes any pursuit a worthwhile one. After all, every exhilarating occasion is always worthy of being its own Piattos me-time.

The More the Merrier

Piattos is nothing short of a local snacking icon. The beloved brand has sat at the top of every sari-sari and convenience store shelf in the country, Jack ‘n Jill hasn’t shied away from shelling out fresh takes of the snack through the years.

The Supersized variant was first introduced in late 2018; and Pinoy snackers instantly fell in love with holding a big bag of Piattos that held bigger servings overall. However, the brand-new SKU also brought with itself a second supersized twist in its sleeve.

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Heftier Hexagons, Same Terrific Taste

If you’re worried that Piattos’ latest upgrade will drastically alter the tried-and-tested formula of the potato chip itself—good news. The big-time snack still lovingly retains the signature yum-factor that makes indulging on it such an unforgettable experience, but in much larger proportions as they increase each individual chip size into bigger, bolder chips.

If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, we’re issuing a friendly challenge for you to finish the whole bag again just like you did as a kid. We have to warn you, though. Just like yourself, your childhood favorite chichirya has grown a ton since the first time you had a bite. Fortunately, Piattos’ bursting flavor that’s equally dusted on every piece, its crunch that most snacks can only dream of, and its appetizing factor that leaves you wanting more, have all faithfully remained intact.

A Brand-New Flavor Arrives

The Supersized Piattos in 2018 saw itself arrive solely under the delectable Cheese flavor with the classic blue wrapper. This time, it’s coming with a new flavor – the zingy Sour Cream & Onion variant.

The rousing blend of tart, tangy and salty tastes will match all the energy levels of your Piattos me-times perfectly.

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It’s a no-brainer that massive occasions require equally massive snacks. Piattos’ transformation to Supersized proportions will leave you grabbing truckloads of it for all the me-time occasions you know you’ll have. With the touted 170-gram serving size, each bag is exactly twice the size of the current largest bag of Piattos. This should give you—and me both—the long-awaited chance to grab a bite of these flavor-packed treats without having to worry if we’re either leaving enough to share to our equally-hungry friends, or if we’ll even have enough to keep munching to our heart’s content on our own.

Ready to get in on the Supersized action? Make sure to drop by Jack ‘n Jill’s official Shopee and Lazada stores to get a bag or more of the new Supersized Piattos.