Bid Farewell to Annoying Acne Because This Product Has Got You Covered

Getting rid of acne has never been this easy

Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment) makes treating acne easy peasy with these dermatologist-recommended products

Acne has always been one of the banes of our existence. It causes a great deal of discomfort, and can sometimes be downright painful. Although it’s considered a normal part of puberty, dealing with acne can also be anxiety-inducing, directly impacting confidence and self image. With all the skincare routines scattered throughout social media, you might even pick up a few anti-acne regimens here and there. However, no amount of skincare products you pile on on your face will miraculously erase those stubborn pimples unless you figure out the root cause and learn how to address it. 

Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment)

Getting to the bottom of it

We’ve all had friends who would tease us about being in love whenever a huge pimple would randomly appear on our face. News flash, people: being head over heels can never give you acne. The true culprit? Bacteria. 

Bacteria-caused acne can manifest into clogged pores such as whiteheads and blackheads, painful inflamed spots, and excessive sebum production that results in oily skin. With a market that’s oversaturated, finding the right products will take a bit of trial and error. However, Benzoyl Peroxide is something we will never gatekeep. As one of the top acne remedies, this ingredient is able to specifically target the painful manifestations of acne. 

Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment)
Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment)

The Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment) is a clinically tested and dermatologist-recommended over-the-counter product that can be safely used for mild to moderate acne cases. Containing one of the leading acne-fighting ingredients, Benzoyl Peroxide, you can say adieu to those difficult pimples, clogged pores, and oily skin and welcome better skin days ahead. 

Upgrading your routine

Anyone remember back when the 10-step Korean skincare routine was all the rage in social media? Although many swear by this technique, it might be too much to handle for sensitive and acne-prone skin, especially for those who are just starting their skincare journey. Starting slow and simple is always the key.

Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment)

In taking care of sensitive skin with acne, there’s actually no need to over-complicate things. Starting it off with a simple cleanser is always a great idea. Just make sure it’s gentle enough so that it won’t be too harsh on sensitive skin and aggravate the acne even further. The next best step is spot treatment. Able to kill 94 percent of acne-causing bacteria, the Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment) can reduce inflammation, unclog pores, and absorb excess sebum. 

Reintroducing moisture and hydration to the skin is absolutely necessary when it comes to your skin health. The new Benzac Microbiome Equalizer is a great lotion to cap off this routine. Capable of locking in moisture for up to 24 hours, it also soothes the skin by addressing irritation and maintaining the skin’s natural microbiome balance. The best part? It can improve skin radiance, making you glow. Arguably one of the holy grails in skin care, skipping moisturizer is definitely a big no-no. 

Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment)

People are now more knowledgeable about how important skin care actually is, and not just there to look good in selfies. We have become more proactive and hands-on in taking care of ourselves, especially in skin health. As we celebrate Skin Awareness Month, let us continue to educate one another even further so that we can face the world confidently. 

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Benzoyl Peroxide is the generic name of Benzac Spots Treatment. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

For suspected adverse drug reaction, report to the FDA and to Galderma Local Safety Officer at [email protected].

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