ONEUS On Breaking Free From The Past And Moving Into The Future With Their ‘PYGMALION’ Comeback 

Good results from good expectations.

The members of ONEUS get introspective as they look back on their journey as idols and individuals.

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The interestingly titled PYGMALION’ is ONEUS’ 9th mini album release with Erase Me as their title track. An emo-pop song with EDM and orchestral sounds, Tomoons (ONEUS fandom name) will recognize a familiar strong beat as an homage to the early days of their first releases, particularly in their first title track release Valkyrie from their LIGHT US EP. 

Even though ONEUS is already 9 EPs deep into their career, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion are still on that never-ending journey of learning and growing. As seen in the Erase Me music video, it depicts the story of their group waking up their emotions deep inside and finding themselves. After overcoming hardships in recent times, they’re still developing the person they want to be while finding their true selves. 

“It seems like I am still growing. Since I cannot become the ideal version of myself, I am making efforts to become someone closer to that ideal,” Seoho admits. As the youngest of the group, Xion claims he hasn’t fully developed yet. “I believe it can be seen as a journey towards becoming the desired version of myself. Please continue to watch over me in the future as well.” It’s this mindset that colors ONEUS in their new era, as well as the learnings and future adventures on the group’s path.  


When music groups have been together for so long, there’s a tendency to forget an appreciation for one another. But that isn’t the case for ONEUS as they agree that it feels like family. Xion adds “Even without saying anything, we can sense when something is bothering each other. As a result, even if that person doesn’t show it, I make an effort to take care of them and support them.” “I admire the passion of the members and the close familiarity that feels like a family, which makes them even more lovable. Also, I love myself for being diligent and valuing these qualities in myself,” Leedo shares, as he’s known amongst Tomoons that he doesn’t express verbally. 

Loving yourself can be a reflection of your dreams and aspirations. Two things about Keonhee that never change: loving different facets of himself over time and ONEUS loving each other with a unified heart. “I have gained a lot of self-confidence and become better at understanding others. And ONEUS is a team with ambitious aspirations. It is one of the driving forces that keeps us constantly evolving”. Hwanwoong has a playful personality among his members and fans. “I find it endearing and wonderful to have a kind-hearted nature, even if it may be a bit foolish at times.” Seoho’s simple response about what he loves about himself is, “I would like to say it’s the consistent and steadfast nature.”

While the members of ONEUS are on their toes preparing for an album release that keeps them busy, they have a routine that they make a priority: eating together. Answering on their behalf, Seoho states, “We really love eating. Apart from work, it’s the one thing that all the members enjoy, so we have come to cherish and prioritize having meals together.” 


Earlier in 2023, ONEUS was on the road to completing US and Latin America concert dates for the Reach for Us World Tour. They’ve also made an appearance at the We Bridge Music Festival in Las Vegas alongside other well-known artists such as MONSTA X, ENHYPEN, and Jessi. Going on a tour brings a new meaning to traveling. “Despite differences in language and culture, everyone can become united through the power of music alone,” the 25-year-old Leedo states. Seoho looks at the world as a beautiful place. “I have come to realize that the world is vast and filled with many fascinating things.”

Traveling can expand your horizons and give you the confidence to try new experiences. From Hwanwoong’s perspective, “The more experiences I have, the broader my thinking becomes. Therefore, whenever an opportunity arises, I try to take on various challenges.” Every concert date in a tour was a stepping stone to improve each performance. Respectively, this warms Keonhee’s heart, “While doing a world tour, I had the opportunity to reflect on my performances and make improvements, which made me happy to receive love from the fans. It has sparked a desire in me to show our beloved audience even better performances on stage.” 


Hard work beats talent and a few members believe their grit made it happen. Leedo may not talk much about his struggles in becoming an artist, but he never lost sight of his dreams. “It was more a result of my efforts…I do believe that creating art through hard work brings a sense of accomplishment.” “I tend to believe that everyone is an artist. That’s why I want to strive to become a better artist,” Xion says, on his input if he believed he was born to be an artist. In contrast to Xion’s answer, Seoho shares he was born with a love for art. 

Four years into their career as a group, ONEUS almost collectively agree it would be their debut days that they’d love to relive. A blast from the past is Hwanwoong’s time as a trainee. “I remember the Gemstone stage, which was my first performance as a trainee, and I would like to do it again one more time.” Some K-pop artists in their debut days have this sense of fearlessness, which is something Keonhee reflects on. “When I think about the determination I had back then, [I felt like] I could do anything. I can’t help but think that I was amazing.” 

The album title PYGMALION contains the message of your ONEUS’ intent to break free from the past and be reborn. A few members shared if there was something from their past that they learned and reflected on. “After feeling regret about the time that has passed, I realized that I shouldn’t postpone happiness. These days, I am making an effort to enjoy each moment and express myself well to the people around me,” Hwanwoong noted. Keonhee had a jovial response, “I tend to not dwell on the past and prioritize the present and the future.” 

Running away from the past doesn’t solve problems. There’s always room for growth and learning from our past. As ONEUS steps forward toward its next goal, the group’s new body of work teaches listeners that we can overcome any hardship. 

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