E’LAST Is The Rookie K-pop Group Looking To Last A Lifetime

Nothing lasts forever, but maybe except for this group.

Get to know this rising K-pop boy group.

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When K-pop boy group E’LAST made their debut in June 2020, not only were they entering an increasingly crowded market, but they did so at COVID-19’s height. These circumstances aren’t easy to overcome, but E’LAST is slowly breaking through the noise with talent and charisma deserving of center stage.


This 8-member boy group is made up of members Rano, Cho In, Seungyeop, Baekgyeul, Romin, Won Hyuk, Wonjun, and Yejun and is the first group under E Entertainment. Their name, E’LAST, is a moniker of the word everlasting, a reflection of their hope to have an everlasting relationship with their fans (called ERLING) through their music.

But aside from being K-pop idols, these young men also have a diverse set of skills including playing various instruments, appearing in musical plays, and having acrobatic skills that contribute to the group’s unique concept. If you’ve seen K-drama Heavenly Idol, you may have seen the group’s main rapper Wonjun as he made his acting debut on the show. He played Typhon, a member of the idol group Evil Boys. And to top it all off, they are active in the production of their music.

It’s no wonder then that E’LAST completed not one, but two successful tours in 2022, their Japan Tour in July 2022 and a Latin American tour in October 2022. And this May, E’LAST is embarking on their Thrill North America Tour. The title of the North America Tour shares the same name as their latest comeback single. Thrill is a catchy dance song that showcases the member’s expressive emotions with the adrenaline-pumping electric guitar supporting the upbeat track. Yejun and Won Hyuk participated in writing the lyrics of this dance song. 

Ahead of their US tour next month, we caught up with E’LAST about the exciting moments in their previous tours, their wishes for Seungyeop, and more. 

Thrill is your group’s first digital single. Was the process the same or different when preparing for this comeback? 

RANO: There weren’t significant changes, but we challenge new concepts in each album. The difference is that I put a whole new image of myself. 

One of your members, Seungyeop, recently enlisted in the military. In the last few days you spent as an eight-member system, what did you do all together? Also, what wishes did you have for Seungyeop? 

CHO IN: Honestly, we felt sorry that Seung Yeop joined the army without enjoying the rest of the time. We didn’t have the chance to eat a delicious meal together with the members because we were busy until right before he joined the army. If he comes out on vacation, we want to have a proper get-together, and if we have a wish, we hope he returns healthy! 

Completing tours in Japan and Latin America in 2022, what were the exciting moments in each of the places you’ve visited?

WONJUN: Whenever we hear ERLING’s cheers and applauses on the stage.

ROMIN: The most exciting moment in a concert is absolutely when we hear our fans cheering loudly even though we have in-ear earphones on. 

What is something that never fails to make you smile? 

WON HYUK: ERLING comes to my mind first! 

What is the first thing you do when you get home from work? 

BAEKGYEUL: After washing off our makeup, we lie down and take a break. 

Can you tell us the best trait that one of your members has? 

WON HYUK: It is “Flair!” 

BAEKHYEUL: Perseverance 

YEJUN: Generous personality. 

RANO: I’m a passionate person. 

ROMIN: Flexible personality. 

WONJUN: I Always do my best. 

CHO IN: I’m an almighty person. 

Your group’s name means everlasting. What is an “everlasting” message to your ERLINGS?

RANO: People say nothing lasts forever, but I believe the moment we were together will last forever in our memory. We will try to be E’LAST, who will keep making good memories and have a good time, We hope you all will be standing next to us in the future. We appreciate you so much, and we love you! Forever!

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