SG5 Is The Intergalactic J-pop Girl Group Taking Sailor Moon To The Next Level

The Moonlight Densetsu in real life.

A J-pop girl group inspired by Sailor Moon? Say hello to SG5.

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Even if you’ve never read the manga or seen the anime, you would still probably know who Sailor Moon is. For decades, Sailor Moon and her equally glamorous Sailor Guardians have not only stood the test of time as one of the most popular mangas in the world, but continue to inspire generations decades after its initial run. From anime to movies, TV shows to fashion, and more, Sailor Moon’s impact can still be felt.

It’s the kind of impact that can even be seen in music, as evidenced by the recent debut of the Japanese girl group SG5. If you were given the chance to collaborate with Sailor Moon, there’s no turning back. That is what the members of SG5 did as they are the first-ever music group to be in official collaboration with Sailor Moon. They even have the blessing of series creator Miss Takeuchi.

Composed of members SAYAKA, RURI, RUI, MIYUU, and KAEDE, SG5 is the acronym for Sailor Guardians 5 and made their US debut last year in June. But it was only with the release of their debut single Firetruck on March 1 that the group began their intergalactic music adventures. Wild, bombastic, and attention-grabbing, Firetruck is the opening salvo of this galactic girl group who are the “guardians” of the universe. And with a team that includes being co-managed by one of Japan’s largest entertainment companies, LDH Japan Inc., and Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer BloodPop serving as their Executive Producer and co-Creative Director, there’s little stopping SG5 from doing just that.

NYLON Manila had the chance to chat with the group as they opened up about their goals, appreciating themselves, and spending time together as a family.

Your anticipated debut is finally here. Could you introduce yourselves and tell us your role in this group? 

I’m MIYUU and I’m happy to have the opportunity to get to know everyone my role in SG5 is the advisor. I love makeup, so I often give advice when the members ask me about makeup.

Hello, everyone. I’m RURI and my role in the group is Asian beauty hahaha. I’m often told by the members and people around me that I’m a really good listener. I also laugh a lot!

I’m SAYAKA and I’m the serious one in the group. I’m the type of person who doesn’t act with force, but analyzes, interprets, and then acts. 

HI, I’m RUI! My position in the group is the youngest. 

I’m KAEDE and I’m the mood maker of the group. I love to make people laugh and smile and I hope that people think I’m a fun person. I’m also a model, so I want to be in NYLON Manila! And I like to play APEX during my free time. 

Favorite lyrics from your Firetruck release?

MIYUU: My favorite lyrics are: “habanero chili pepper.” 

RURI: “Need a firetruck To cool down the fire.” 

SAYAKA: My favorite part is the chorus. I love the lyrics that encourage me and the addictive melody. 

RUI: “To cool down the fire” and “赤信号(aka-shingo/red light).” 

KAEDE: My favorite part of the lyrics is “ご覧のとおりHOTTEST IN JAPAN.” As you know, we’re from Japan. This phrase makes me feel confident and gives me strength about going from Japan to the world. 

Since most of you came from other established girl groups, what makes this group special?

What makes this group special is the unique synergy we all possess, and this group is unlike anything we have ever done before or even seen. It’s something totally new that defies genres and expectations, and we are so excited to be part of this!

Collaborating with an anime character for music may seem like it’s only catered to anime fanatics. What’s something you want to share with those who may feel weary listening to this kind of music genre? 

We make pretty guardian pop music aimed at the world, we aren’t anime or cosplay, we are SG5.

Did debuting as a member of this group have helped you appreciate yourself more?

RURI: I’m very surprised that so many more people than I can imagine are listening to SG5’s songs and watching the MV. 

SAYAKA: Actually…It hasn’t hit me yet. But I was happy to hear a lot of real voices singing our music. It was a dream come true for us as a group, and the culmination of three years of hard work and dedication. Since this project is a place full of new experiences and challenges, I’m looking forward to the future even more. 

RUI: I am so happy to see that there are comments in so many different languages! I want to visit every country in the world with SG5, and I can’t wait to meet you all!

KAEDE: After our debut, I was a little scared, but reading all those heartwarming comments we got from our fans from all over the world made me feel more confident about myself. I love that all members of SG5 get to shine in their own special ways and I have realized that it is okay to be Who I am. 

MIYUU: I loved myself before but, I love myself even more than before now. Because by doing SG5 activities, I learned that it’s important to have confidence. And that confident people are cool. 

If your group has its lightstick, what kind of design would it be? 

MIYUU: I think…Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus…having light sticks with the image of the stars of each character would be cute. I want a light stick for our group.

RURI: I want a light stick with the image of each member’s color and the moon.

SAYAKA: Something inspired by Sailor Moon! I want to make a pen light with each character’s color and Zodiac sign. 

RUI: Like a moon! A moon that shines in five color gradations! 

KAEDE: I want to create our light stick in the shape of the moon and have colors for every member. 

What is your greatest accomplishment so far as a group and individually?

MIYUU: My greatest memory is when I stood on stage in the US. It’s the greatest memory that I’ll never forget. I was very nervous and excited. I remember the audience getting excited even though this was their first time seeing us. I really love it when I’m on stage!!!

RURI: An unforgettable memory is singing the national anthem alone at Yokohama Stadium. And of course that I was able to debut in the world as SG5

SAYAKA: The most memorable and unforgettable moment in my career so far has to be our debut in the US. It was a dream come true for us as a group, and the culmination of three years of hard work and dedication. 

RUI: That I became a member of SG5! And that we were able to make our world debut as SG5, and meet all of our fans from all over the world! 

KAEDE: I can’t forget the scenery I saw from the stage when I went on a tour in Japan for another group, so I want to go on a world tour as SG5! 

Who would you say you’re the closest within the group? Or are all of you close to each other?

MIYUU: In my opinion…we are all together. At first, it might just be two people talking. But then the other members come into the conversation and then we’re all talking at the end.

RURI: I spend a lot of time with all the members. The five of us have a very good relationship.

SAYAKA: I get along well with all the members of the group. We’ve spent a lot of time together and grew up like a family. 

RUI: I can’t choose! I love you all. 

KAEDE: Each of us has our own shortcomings, but we are all good friends! I think the five of us are perfect!

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