NYLON Manila Picks: Our Fave Gadgets, Gizmos, and Tech of May 2024

NYLON Manila Picks: Our Fave Gadgets, Gizmos, And Tech Of May 2024

Games and gadgets galore.

Our best buys this May in the world of games, gadgets, gizmos, apps, and more!

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Technology makes the world go ’round…our world, at least. We’ve got some games, gadgets, and apps that we’ve found ourselves using this month whether it’s for work, school, or peace of mind. It’s always a great experience to be immersed in trying out a new gadget or starting a new game, and we’ve got a fresh, diverse set of recommendations that can cover all the bases, from fun to function. So whether you’re in need of some boredom-beating games or items that can make your life easier, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite tech, gadget, and digital picks this May 2024!

ITALKI & STARDEW VALLEY – Maggie Batacan, Editor-in-Chief

As an anime enthusiast, deciding to formally study Japanese a few years ago was a no-brainer for me. However, in the more advanced stages of the language a large online class setup no longer fits my needs as a learner and young professional. This app, however, has given me the ability to arrange for one-on-one lessons with the most amazing individuals that I can schedule according to my availability. It’s a great way to make connections with people across borders and also learn in a way that is tailored to me.

The first video game I ever fell in love with was Harvest Moon (now Story of Seasons), and Stardew Valley feels like a love letter to the granddaddy of farming simulators. It improves on SoS in every way, and ConcernedApe (the developer) continually updates the game for more content FOR FREE. Additionally, the multiplayer feature gives me a fun and easy way to spend time with my faraway relatives and feel connected to them as we fish to our hearts’ content, battle flying cave dragons, and struggle to water all our coffee plants without dying on the field.

CUSTOMIZED CASSETTE PLAYER – André Chang, Fashion & Creative Director

@90stimemachine_ a graduation gift that will stand out 🙂 #graduationgift #giftideas #cassette ♬ original sound – 90stimemachine

Apart from the chic, minimal, low-fi aesthetic with its see-through case—which I haven’t seen in previous Walkman or Discman players—it brings on nostalgia by playing music in a mixtape format, the old-school way.

SENUA’S SAGA: HELLBLADE II – Raf Bautista, Managing Editor

tech picks may 2024 game gadget

This long-awaited sequel to one of my favorite AA games I’ve ever played is a hauntingly beautiful and intense adventure. Sure, you can finish the third person action-adventure game in one afternoon, but it’s a profound journey worth experiencing. 

OWALA TUMBLER – Gelo Quijencio, Multimedia Artist

Functionality meets aesthetics. Owala’s diverse collection of colors will totally match your personality. It has two spouts which makes drinking more fun: a straw that glides easily and a big spout to chug your water. Hack: you can budol your friends to mix and match lids, base, and boots to have a unique color combo!

CROSSWORDS PUZZLE GAME – Nica Glorioso, Features Writer

Though I’m a daily player of the New York Times games Connections, Wordle, Strands, and now the Mini Crossword, I couldn’t rationalize buying a subscription just to play the full-size crossword. Thankfully, this free crosswords app satiates my puzzle-needy brain with crosswords of varying difficulties.

LOGITECH POP MOUSE – Jasmin Dasigan, Editorial Assistant

tech picks may 2024 game gadget

I’ve been using this mouse for a while now, and I love how smooth it glides on my mouse pad! It’s very handy as well, as it can connect to three different devices through Bluetooth. Very durable, too, l because I’ve dropped it so many times already but it still works well! It comes in cute colors, too.

FUJIFILM XV100VI – Abby Chua, Art Intern

fujifilm xv100i

The Fujifilm X100VI, with its compact body and film simulations, makes it the perfect camera to grab for any trip. Shots straight out of camera, even without postprocessing, are ready to be posted because of the quality and creative freedom the X100VI gives.

MYFITNESSPAL & NIKE RUN CLUB – Christine Roska, Marketing Intern

fitness apps running apps exercise sports apps

I love MyFitnessPal because it helps a lot when tracking my macros and setting my fitness goals. And the Nike Run Club app makes me want to run everyday. I love the guided runs so much, because the coaches are very motivating! Nothing beats words of affirmation.

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