The Round-Up: New Music Drops Of The Week That Should Be On Your Radar

Comebacks, OSTs, and everything in between.

Red Velvet channels classical art with their long-awaited comeback while BGYO’s new song showcase their smooth vocals in this week’s new music round-up.

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While the summer season has us wanting to chill by the pool with a nice refreshing drink, the music industry is sizzling ahead. Among many things that happened this week, we got comeback news from BIGBANG as their dropping their single, O AM, on April 5. Speaking of comebacks, VXON revealed that their first ever will be this April 1. EXO also announced details for their 10th anniversary this April.

New music is on the horizon for many as we got the confirmation that BGYO is making a new song for He’s Into Her season two, BGYO and BINI are releasing their collaborative single Up! on April 1, KAIA is making their debut on April 8, Taylor Swift made an original song from the movie adaptation of Where The Crawdads Sing, and Harry Style’s is dropping his third studio album Harry’s House on May 20. So many releases to keep up with, so little time. And speaking of, this week also saw many new music drops from some of the biggest artists. Here then are some of the best that should be on your radar.


Who here is ready for another aching love song from Zack Tabudlo? Because the hitmaker is back with new music with the release of his latest single Asan Ka Na Ba. The track features an upbeat and slight throwback sound as he sings about wanting to be with that special someone.


File this under collabs we weren’t expecting. Believe it or not, J Balvin and Ed Sheeran are actually friends IRL which started when Ed heard Balvin talking at the gym. This week, the duo drop a two song EP that features two distinct flavors. Sigue is an upbeat reggaeton dance song meant to get you moving. On the other hand, Forever My Love slows things down as it is a guitar driven love ballad.


Always expect Red Velvet to serve. And with the release of their comeback single Feel My Rhythm, it is knockout. Taking heavy inspiration from classical music, the track features the group’s signature pop sound. It’s accompanying music video, meanwhile, is stunning with its many references to classic paintings. When you’re done listening to Feel My Rhythm, we suggest you check out their new EP as well, The ReVe Festival 2022. It features different slices of the group form pop, R&B, and more.


Bibitaw o aasa? This question is one that many can relate to. And it’s also the name and the theme for Arthur Miguel’s latest song. The track sees the musician ask that all too important question of whether or not you should stay in a relationship or let go when it’s no longer working.  


Ever since he started releasing solo music, Mark Tuan has moved heavily towards more personal and introspective music. That is very much the case with his new song, Lonely. In his new track, Mark reflects on a failed relationship and finding solace in being alone. Fun fact, he actually made his fans choose between this track or Save Me as to which song should be released. He then said on Twitter that he would release both, with Lonely coming out now and Save Me releasing soon.


Prepare to hear BGYO in a whole new sound as the P-pop boy group deliver a swaying love ballad in their new song Mahal Na Kita. The boys sound so good on the song and the vibe really suits them well. The track is included in the OST for Bola Bola. Also in the album is Akira’s solo version of the track and a new song from KD Estrada called Mahal Ba Kita?


Tate McRae is going through it in her new song chaotic. The piano driven heartfelt ballad is sees the singer ponder on a relationship that wasn’t meant to be and the fallout it can cause in one’s life.


This week is a special week for keshi and many of his fans as he finally dropped his debut studio album, GABRIEL. In the 12-track album, you will experience a story of keshi reflecting on how his life has changed as he digs deep and personal.


We all deserve to be loved, especially the one where we are treated as a top priority. This is what Jamie Miller’s new single Last Call is all about. The upbeat track sees the young musician celebrate being the special someone both in the good and the bad. Considering how Jamie got his name out there for making heartbreak anthems, it’s a nice change of theme. Speaking of, he announced that his debut EP Broken Memories is dropping on April 29.


4th Impact has new music out with the release of their latest comeback, Here We Go. The upbeat anthem is all about self-confidence and an ode to all the empowering Filipinas out there. The pop track features an excellent use of horns and trumpets in the instrumental and of course, the group’s signature powerhouse vocals to make for a stadium sized energy.


If you’ve been following Warren Hue for the past few years, then you know that this Indonesian rapper is one the come up. And that is what his new track, W, is all about. Featuring a guest verse from yvngxchris, W is a dynamic track that takes a more melodic direction for Hue that showcases his rapping and singing capabilities. The single serves as his latest releases of his upcoming debut album BOY OF THE YEAR.


While most may know Sharlene San Pedro as an actress, she also is a talented singer who has released a few singles over the years. Running is her latest release and serves as her first new song in over two years. Running is a mid tempo pop-rock track and is a bit more upbeat than her previous releases. It revolves around trying to be in the moment as best as you can before you run out of time.  


This week, beabadoobee is ready to live her life with the release of her new song Talk. The track, which she wrote after she dropped her first album, is about doing the things that you enjoy or just indulge in even though they aren’t the healthiest for you. Interestingly, the pop-rock track also references the underrated activity of going partying on a Tuesday night. The Filipina musician also shared that her second studio album is called Beatopia (pronounced Bay-A-Toe-Pee-Uh), which drops on July 15.


Anson Seabra aims for the heart, a broken heart that is, with his new song Unloving You. In it, the singer-songwriter about the bittersweet emotions involved in a breakup. Things can get messy, from one being ok but the other is a broken mess.


NCT’s Mark, Haechan, and Doyoung came together recently to release a brand new song under NCT U called coNEXTion (Age of Light). The pop-trap track serves as part of the band’s singles archive project, NCT Lab. The song is about encouraging people to step into the future where everyone is connected. It also serves as the theme song for an experience zone called Age of Light that will be set up in central Seoul.


You can’t stop the party. Or at least, that is what rising South Korean artist Seori, who you may know from TXT’s 0X1=LOVESONG, feels in her latest single Can’t Stop This Party. The all-English song is a hypnotizing, moody pop and R&B track about a never-ending party. While most may think of hype beats when in a party, the tracks slows things down. Seori explores the feeling of being trapped in a broken relationship and with the hopes of being free, she explores a party she does not want to leave. In it all, she discovers cathartic relief by letting go of her bitter emotions and dancing her feelings away in the present moment.


ITZY brings the electricity with the release of their first ever original Japanese single, Voltage. The track is an upbeat rock banger that combines both the group’s strong rap and singing skills.

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