The New Bops Of The Week Fit For Your Playlist

Closing out the eventful month of November 2021.

This week in new bops sees Hwasa release her latest solo project, Ben&Ben drop their Lunod EP and MV, and much more.

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As we close out the month of November 2021, the last week of the month was a flurry of music news. BTS swept the 2021 AMAs and made history by being the first Asian to win Artist of the Year. Also in the realm of K-pop, Aespa became the first K-pop female group to perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. The nominations for the 2022 Grammy Awards were revealed, which saw Fil-Ams like Olivia Rodrigo and H.E.R. make history. Taylor Swift now holds the record for the longest song in length to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100. She also surprise-released her re-work of her Christmas song, Christmas Tree Farm.

The week will also see a couple of highly anticipated concerts happen. And not to mention that we here in NYLON Manila are holding our NYLON Manila Live free concert on November 26, 6 PM.

With all the music news that has been going around, you would be forgiven if you weren’t able to catch up on the new music releases of the week. So, here is a roundup of all the new bops that came out this week you should know of.

I’m a B -Hwasa

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is back with new music with the release of her latest single, I’m a B. If written in Korean, the track is pronounced as I’m a star, which reflects how Hwasa is truly a star. Compared to her past two releases TWIT and Maria, I’m a B features a groovier, more upbeat sound. I’m a B is part of the mini-album Guilty Pleasure which also includes the tracks FOMO and Bless U.

Shivers – Ed Sheeran, Jessi, and SUNMI

Ed Sheeran is out with a new remix to his song Shivers. And it features some unexpected guests. K-pop stars Jessi and SUNMI join Ed on the remix with SUNMI laying down some vocals in Korean and Jessi rounding things out with her signature rap.

Lunod (Extended Version) – Ben&Ben, Zild, and Juan Karlos Labajo

This week sees Ben&Ben drop the Lunod EP, which features new versions of the standout track from their Pebble House album. Speaking of Lunod, the band also dropped the music video for the song. It was directed by Jerold Tarrog, who you know from directing blockbuster Heneral Luna and Goyo. The MV was shot at the El Deposito water reservoir, which helped make for one of their heavier music videos.  There are also Lunod pop-up cafes around the metro that you can visit if you’re interested.

Another day in America – Kali Uchis and Ozuna

In the lead-up to the release of The West Side Story movie reboot this December, Kali Uchis and Ozuna have teamed up for the song Another day in America. Taking inspiration from the movie, the track sees the two artists sing about the impact and influence immigrants have had in America.

Maybe – I Belong to the Zoo

I Belong to the Zoo has given us another track to enjoy with the release of their single, Maybe. The four-minute track musical journey through love and love lost.

Diwa – Rob Deniel

It’s the end of the world, or at least that is the scenario in Rob Deniel’s new song Diwa. The track gives an interesting perspective of love as Rob introduces a world filled with melodramatic feels on an end-of-the-world scenario. His soulful impressions, in the beats of alt-pop and kundiman blues, will gravitate you deep into your core as you discern your apocalypse.

Sakay – Kiyo

Filipino hip-hop artist Kiyo captures his love for a vast spectrum of sounds and music styles on his debut full-length album, HARANASA, out now. The album features collaborations with fellow artists including Shortone, Space Moses, and YZKK. HARANASA touches on a lot of music genres and influences from lo-fi rap to trap, experimental hip-hop to tropical jazz, ambient electronica to bedroom pop.

Para Sa’yo – Jom of ALLMO$T

ALLMO$T’s Jom serves a new alt-pop funk track in Para Sa’yo. Here, he pours his frustration over a girl he is in love with being taken for granted by the man she is with in a series of emotional verses with a mix of techno beats.

Dad Jeans – Paolo Sandejas

Paolo Sandejas is here to share some good vibes with the release of his new song, Dad Jeans. The throwback chill song is that kind of track best enjoyed when you want to wind down and relax.

Tayong Dalawa Sa Pasko – NOBITA

As we inch closer and closer to Christmas, more and more artists are dropping their holiday tracks. One such artist is NOBITA who recently dropped their Christmas single, Tayong Dalawa Sa Pasko. The song features the group’s signature sound as they talk about being with someone special over the holidays.

Mean It – San Holo, Manila Killa, and Nick Lopez

San Holo, Manila Killa, Nick Lopez team up for their new track, Mean It. The bittersweet song follows a broken-hearted lover trying to navigate a brave new world independently and acts as a microcosm for the artists involved both sonically and lyrically. The song was inspired by the distance the pandemic created in everyone’s lives, coping with loss, and intimacy.

R Rules – DNY

There’s a new P-pop girl group in town and their name is R Rules. Serving as MCA Music’s first-ever P-pop girl group, R Rules is a mix of Filipino and Japanese members ready to make their mark in the music scene. They recently dropped their debut single DNY which is a hard-hitting song about empowerment and confidence.

Call You – allen&elle

OPM duo allen&elle are out with their latest single Call You. The inspirational track features an addicting beat with its retro and funk-inspired sound. The song is also a great showcase of the duo’s vocals.

On Me – Kyle Banks and Bino Rideaux

Rising R&B artist Kyle Banks collaborates Def Jam’s Bino Rideaux for his latest single On Me. The song is about feeling yourself and looking your best when you step out for a night with the crew. Effortlessly showcasing both artists’ signature flows, the track opens on a solitary piano before bursting into a West Coast-influenced beat. On Me is Kyle’s latest track from his forthcoming EP Uncommon, due for release in early 2022.

Pagbilang Ng Tatlo – Bandang Lapis

Bandang Lapis takes on heartbreak in their new track Pagbilang Ng Tatlo. Their single is a pop ballad track that deals with both the pain of loss and the joys of moving on.

Feel Alive – The Light The Heat and Roary

Cinematic indie-folk duo, The Light The Heat and Roary just dropped their new EP, Afterlight. Over the course of three songs and two acoustic versions, they touch upon powerful and thought-provoking themes as well as cathartic themes of reconciliation and self-reflection. Sonically, the album explores a sound combining acoustic and organic instrumentation, Russian and Asian instruments, with Roary’s unique programming and production style.

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