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Nevertheless, She’s Effortless: Han So Hee Created A Liquid Lipstick Line With This Makeup Brand

Pucker up, it's sweet like nectar.

She’s already left an indelible impression with her range of roles portrayed in some of our favorite K-dramas. This time, Han So Hee is making a milestone of a mark with a range of lipstick she specially co-created.

No internet search on Han So Hee is complete without a reference to her captivating beauty. With her dainty doll-like features making its memorable mark on shows such as My Name, Nevertheless, The World Of The Married, and the upcoming Soundtrack #1, one is immediately enamored by her enchanting beauty and further engaged by an effective expression of emotion. Whether it be a glimpse or a lingering scene with her characters that you either despise, relate to, or root for, one is completely drawn to the charm of Han So Hee. This fascination for her face has compelled us to focus on things like what eye shadow is brushed on her lids or what the exact shade of lipstick she has on in a crucial confrontation. We are not alone here, because Google will lead you to many articles playing sleuth on the actual products used on the Korean star.

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From the sensuous berry-pink shade in Nevertheless, the sultry fuchsia hue in The World Of The Married, and even the diffused pink pout in her Allure Korea cover, everyone wants what’s on the lips of Han So Hee. While getting your hands on these and gliding them on your lips is a thrill in itself, she is doing you one better with the release of the new Lip Nectar by BYS Philippines, an easy-to-use liquid lipstick with a luscious velvety soft texture that dries down in a matte finish. Oh, and this is not just your standard beauty ambassador co-sign, because surprise, she co-created this special collection with the global beauty brand.

Uncover Effortless Beauty

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As immersed as she is in her roles, which spans from the dangerous, daring, and darling, Han So Hee was hands on in this collaboration with BYS Philippines. The connection was something that went beyond the K-dramas we have come to love, shares the brand. “We were drawn to her beauty, her energy, her versatility, her professionalism, and her personality,” attests Angie Goyena, president of iFace, Inc. “BYS has always encouraged creativity and expressing yourself through our products and campaigns. We’ve always championed loving yourself hard, and in doing so, uncovering beauty that’s uniquely yours—Han So Hee fits the bill to a tee.”

The result is the BYS Lip Nectar, an effortless cool collection inspired by her unapologetic roles and authentic self. Strong and bold, just as she is on and off screen, one can easily live out their Han So Hee fantasy with their pick of the lot, which is a range of eight eye-catching shades named after flowers such as Blossom, Cherry, Tulip, Poppy, Rose, Dragon Lily, Orchid, and Poison Ivy.

“It is such an honor to become a brand ambassador of BYS and I’m also happy to get close with my overseas fans who are always supporting and loving me,” says Han So Hee of her latest pursuit. “Please stay tuned for more collaborations of mine with BYS. Mahal ko kayo!”

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So, whether you’re feeling like a Yeo Dao Kyung, Yu Na Bi, Yoon Ji Woo, Lee Eun Soo, or simply, Han So Hee, pucker up, because there’s sure to be a Lip Nectar shade that is just right for you. This time, it’s your turn to uncover an effortless sort of beauty.