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Nadine Lustre’s Eyepatch Look Was Inspired By This Painter and Provocative Artist

Hint: there were two artists that inspired the look.

Nadine Lustre’s mad commitment to her craft is and will always be the standard.

Having everything revealed, Nadine Lustre literally unravels herself for the world to see and she’s not afraid to show everyone her scars. One day she drops a whole visual album, then she does a theatrical play meets concert stage on the next. What else can Nadine not do? While we still have yet to see the trailer for Absolute Madness, her wildest dreams come to life with an insane photoshoot wearing strategically placed corsets, catsuits and eye patches. Below, we dissect the vision from photography, styling and set design.

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A theatrical and more dramatic take on Wildest Dreams, BJ pushed the boundaries of his work even further by taking inspiration from the Surrealist art movement and references the Victorian Memento Mori (also known as the art of immortalizing death) to emulate Nadine’s vision for the concert. The set design created by Princess Barretto was also an ode to one of Salvador Dali’s paintings entitled, The Burning Giraffe, which had the elements of a ladder, optical illusions, and a lot of draping as requested by Nadine.


Velvet catsuit by La Glamour Queen

Nadine Lustre stuns in a catsuit with the highest leg room that extends almost up until her waist. She reveals everything without baring anything all at the same time. This look was meant to be her “supersuit” if you will. It was also inspired by Filipina superhero Darna’s nemesis, Valentina and Black Widow herself.

Satin corset by Just Bonita Embellished pants by Carlene Designs

It’s as if in every shoot that BJ makes with Nadine, she’s always restrained by some sort of object. Previously, she was held by chains, but for Absolute Madness, she’s trapped by metal rods. A sign of what we may or may not see in the show.

Gold armor corset by Job Dacon

Wearing a gold armor adorned with red jewels and angels, Nadine Lustre artfully shows us her version of a breastplate. This was also a nod to Elsa Schiaparelli’s love for wearable art.

Eyepatch glove bra and tulle skirt by Neric Beltran Underbust corset by Chris Nick

This look was ultimately inspired by two influential individuals in the art world—surrealist painter Salvador Dali and Lady Gaga. Both artists in their own right, Nadine’s maddening look in an eyepatch and glove bra are to die for.

You can buy tickets for Absolute Madness here.

Photography/Creative Direction BJ Pascual
Art Direction Zonlee
Production Design Princess Barretto
Styling Lyn Alumno
Makeup Raffy So
Hair Carlo Roblico
Fashion Eyepatch and glove bra by Neric Beltran, Leather underbust corset by Chris Nick, Catsuit by La Glamour Queen, Satin corset by Just Bonita, Embellished pants by Carlene Designs
Nails Elinails.Co

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